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Day 18. Acts of Kindness

18 Christmas Acts of Kindness

Spread Your Sparkle This Christmas

Two people hugging, with the words '18 Christmas Acts of Kindness' It’s the season of joy! But everyone you meet could be struggling with something you know nothing about, so make sure you are extra kind during what can be a difficult time for many, and pass on the Christmas cheer. Below is 18 suggestions for Christmas acts of kindness, but there are plenty more ways you can spread your sparkle in any way that works for you:

  1. Find out something new about someone you care about
  2. Find a new way to support a cause you care about
  3. Look at life through someone else’s eyes and see their perspective
  4. Connect with someone from a different generation
  5. Find a new way to tell someone you appreciate them
  6. Share something you have learned recently with a friend
  7. Join a friend doing their hobby and see why they love it
  8. Be patient and kind to hospitality staff (it’s a tough time of year – they’re doing their best)
  9. Buy a coffee for a stranger
  10. Volunteer at a food bank/street kitchen
  11. Take a small step towards a positive change you want to see in society
  12. Check in on your neighbours
  13. Compliment a stranger
  14. Share a hopeful video/image/quote
  15. Buy someone you love flowers – just because
  16. Make time for someone you haven’t lately
  17. Invite someone who is alone to your Christmas day
  18. Offer your help to anyone who needs it this Christmas

Kindness costs nothing, spread joy and joy will find you. Merry Christmas.