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Day 25. Happy Christmas!

25 Reminders for a Merry Christmas
25 Reminders for a Happy Christmas day!

25 Reminders for a Merry Christmas

  1. The best gifts cannot be bought or wrapped
  2. Count the memories not the presents
  3. Your Christmas is your Christmas. Don’t compare yourself to others
  4. Its OK to go off plan/schedule
  5. No Christmas is ‘perfect’
  6. You are not alone – support it available.
  7. You are allowed to feel any emotions on Christmas day, your feelings are always valid
  8. You can find happiness in the little moments, cherish them all today
  9. You do not have to have a home to feel at home
  10. Chosen families share just as much love as blood related families
  11. Make time for yourself today, however long or short
  12. You do not have to be everything for everyone
  13. Christmas looks different for everyone
  14. It is okay if it is not your favourite time of the year
  15. You do not have to drink to have a ‘merry’ Christmas
  16. Go at your own pace, it is just another day
  17. You are allowed to say ‘no’ or take yourself away from uncomfortable stations
  18. You are loved
  19. Check in on anyone who might be struggling or lonely today
  20. Put your phone down
  21. Take it all in
  22. Good things happen when we least expect
  23. Talk if you are struggling – tell someone. They DO care.
  24. You are enough
  25. Christmas is about love, kindness, giving and joy. Do whatever makes you SHINE.

Be kind, spread love, and have fun.

Happy Christmas.

If you need support, helplines are still open today, see here.

In the case of an emergency, you can contact the police, ambulance or fire service on 999.