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Assistant Commissioner
& Victims Champion

Jenni Newberry - smiling
Jenni Newberry is the Assistant Commissioner and Victims’ champion for North Yorkshire and York.

Jenni took up the role on 1 October 2022 alongside her responsibilities as Director of Commissioning and Partnerships at the OPFCC. 

An Assistant Commissioner and Victims’ Champion is a non-statutory, non-political role that supports the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner by providing resilience and visibility in their absence. 

In this combined role, the public can expect to see an Assistant Commissioner with responsibilities such as engagement at community events, speaking at conferences, providing comment to the media on important topics, and working alongside the Commissioner to ensure people are safe and feeling safe in North Yorkshire and York. 

A Victims’ Champion acts as the voice for Victims, listening to their lived experience and engaging with support services to identify themes, trends, and gaps in service provision so that the development of policies, planning and commissioning can be framed with Victims needs in mind. This element of the role advocates alongside the Commissioner, who is also a Victims’ Champion. 

The Assistant Commissioner and Victims’ Champion role is not that of a Deputy Commissioner, and therefore does not cover the same capacity of work or powers within decision making. 

Jenni Newberry, an existing, experienced, and accomplished OPFCC Executive colleague agreed to take on the additional role of Assistant Commissioner and Victims’ Champion alongside her responsibilities as Director of Commissioning and Partnerships from 1st October 2022. 

Commissioner Zoe said: 

“I am delighted Jenni Newberry has agreed to work alongside me as Assistant Commissioner to ensure we have an even more visible senior team with a focus on what the public has told me are their priorities. Jenni’s support of me will ensure we can represent all parts of this county and city even better in the months and years ahead. 

“With eight years leading the Commissioning and Partnerships team in my office, Jenni is well placed to share the role and responsibilities of Victim’s Champion with myself as she has extensive knowledge on Victims’ services and a true passion for supporting vulnerable people. Her commitment and leadership in the development of my Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy for North Yorkshire and York has helped to shape the difference we can make.” 

Jenni Newberry said:  

“I know that a lot of people are unaware of the work of the Commissioner’s Office and the important role our team plays in protecting the public. I am proud to have been asked to play a role in ensuring we are better at explaining what we do, how we do it and how that benefits North Yorkshire and York.  

“One of the areas my team have always been particularly passionate about is ensuring there is high quality support available for victims who are often facing some of the worst times imaginable and who all too easily disappear off the radar.  

“As Victims’ Champion alongside Commissioner Zoe, I want to ensure we continue to lead the way at offering help and advice to those individuals and families, ensure they get justice and that they can rebuild their lives.”