Election planning

What we are doing and how we are keeping staff updated.

Election steering group – Terms of Reference


  • Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer, Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Assistant Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Monitoring Officer, Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Head of Commissioning and Partnerships, Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Chief Finance Officer to the Commissioner
  • Chief Constable
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Deputy Chief Constable
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  • Managing Director, Enable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Chief Finance Officer to the Chief Constable

If delegates cannot attend, they will be required to provide updates via an attending representative. Other attendees by invitation only.


To maintain strategic oversight of the internal planning for the pre- and post-election periods and of key risks to the organisations, and that all processes are lawful and fair.

The Steering group will give strategic direction on arrangements at the following stages:


  • Formal Pre Election Period
  • Communications and Media
  • Candidate packs and briefings to prospective candidates
  • Escalated risks


  • Statutory requirements post-election
  • Transition following election
  • Induction of PFCC
  • Police and Crime Plan and Fire and Rescue Plan requirements
  • Escalated risks


The standing agenda items for this meeting are:

  • Timeline
  • Actions
  • Risks and issues
  • Communications, media and online
  • Candidate briefing and induction
  • Any other business


  • This group will meet every two weeks.
  • The Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire will be responsible for the administration of this meeting

PFCC Election working group – Minutes

November 2021 By-Election

  • PFCC Election working group – Minutes of meeting 20 October 2021 will be available shortly

May 2021 Elections


Transparency and keeping our staff updated

Pre-election period (Purdah)

Whilst ‘purdah’ is not defined in an Act of Parliament, restrictions are placed on local authorities (applicable to PCCs and their Deputies too) by the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity, which refers to periods of heightened sensitivity during elections.

Much of this sensitivity is about exercising greater care to observe laws and rules which apply in any event, but recognising that public bodies/offices are likely to come under greater scrutiny at election times.

Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives

This guidance was intended to support Chief Executives in Police & Crime Commissioners’ Offices (OPCCs) during the 2021 election – Thursday, 6th May 2021.

At that time, due to the postponement of the election in May 2020, the next term of office is for three years rather than the usual four year term.

At the December 2021 by-election, the term in office will be approximately two years and six months.

Last updated: 5 November 2021