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PFCC Candidate briefings

Briefing notes prepared for candidates and prospective candidates for the May 2021 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

This information was produced for the elections in May 2021, however it is still applicable for the by-election in November 2021.

PCC Candidate Briefing – APCC

APCC 2021 PCC Candidate briefing pack - front coverThis briefing note is prepared by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) for candidates and prospective candidates for the May 2021 Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections.

It provides candidates with a range of information including the role and responsibilities of a PCC, who can stand in PCC elections, working with the Chief Constable, finance and commissioning, the role of the Police and Crime Panel (PCP) and what PCCs have achieved at a local and national level since the role was created in 2012.

Download the PCC Candidate Briefing

Electoral Commission - Guidance for candidates - An overviewThe Electoral Commission

Guidance and resources for candidates and their agents at the Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Full details and a range of guides  for candidates are available from the Electoral Commission website.


Briefing on Independent Custody Visitors – ICVA

ICVA Briefing for PCC candidates 2021 - front coverThe public entrusts police officers with powers to arrest and detain any member of the public suspected of committing a criminal offence.

The ability to deprive someone of their liberty before an offence has been proven as a necessary tool for keeping the public safe and ensuring that the criminal justice process can take its course, but these powers must be carefully balanced with appropriate assurance and oversight.

It is fundamental to our system of policing by consent that the public have confidence that people detained in police custody are treated in a transparent, lawful and ethical way.

Custody Visiting and PCCs – a Briefing for Candidates 2021 – ICVA

Advice on campaigning during lockdown

Letter from Minister Chloe Smith MP, which was recently sent to Members of the Parliamentary Parties Panel.

It provides advice to political parties to reflect the UK Government’s position – that current restrictions do not support door-to-door campaigning or leafleting by individual political party activists.

The Government believes voters can continue to get campaigning information remotely instead.

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