Election planning

What we are doing and how we are keeping staff updated.

PFCC Election working group

To ensure we plan effectively for the PFCC election and that all processes are lawful and fair, the Commissioner’s office has established an election working group.

2020 PFCC Election working group – Terms of reference


To be discussed within initial meeting.

If delegates cannot attend, they will be required to provide updates via an attending representative. Other attendees by invitation only.


To ensure that effective planning, preparations and support are in place for the pre and post-election phases of the 2020 North Yorkshire Police PCC Election and that these processes are lawful, fair and fully compliant with the relevant PCC Election Order and related law and guidance.

The working group will examine, coordinate and advise on arrangements at the following stages:


  • Formal Pre Election Period
  • Office Communications
  • Communications and Media
  • Candidate packs and briefings to prospective candidates
  • Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) update
  • Identification and management of risks


  • Statutory requirements post-election
  • Transition following election
  • Induction of PCC
  • Police and Crime Plan requirements
  • Police and Crime Panel requirements
  • Identification and management of risks


The standing agenda items for this meeting are:

  • Timeline
  • Actions
  • Elections Protocol
  • Formal Pre Election Period
  • Communications, media and online
  • Candidate packs and briefing
  • PARO update
  • Transition and documentation
  • Risks and issues


  • This group will be held weekly
  • Organisation and Development will be responsible for the administration of this meeting

Keeping our staff updated

Purdah / Pre-election period

Whilst ‘purdah’ is not defined in an Act of Parliament, restrictions are placed on local authorities
(applicable to PCCs and their Deputies too) by the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity, which refers to periods of heightened sensitivity during elections.