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Helping to rehabilitate offenders

The following service has been commissioned to rehabilitate offenders:

Restorative Justice Service

From 1 June 2019 Restorative Justice services have been provided by Restorative Solutions.

Restorative Solutions delivers their Restorative Justice service across York and North Yorkshire with a main aim to facilitate communication between victims and offenders.

Restorative Solutions helps both the victims and their offenders prepare, in a safe and confidential manner, for their meetings. A face to face meeting gives victims the chance to ask questions, explain their feelings and the impact of the crime, reduce their fear and empower them and give offenders the opportunity to apologise and motivate them to change their behaviour.

The following services have been commissioned to reduce demand on the force in relation to first time and repeat offending and calls for public safety and welfare:

Substance Misuse

The Commissioner funds the criminal justice elements of the Integrated Substance misuse service across North Yorkshire and The City of York. The primary focus of this service is to provide substance misuse treatment services for adults involved in the criminal justice system through Integrated Offender Management and also providing Drug/Alcohol Arrest referral schemes.

  • City of York Substance Misuse services delivered by Lifeline – £76,421 per annum
  • North Yorkshire County Council Substance Misuse services delivered by North Yorkshire Horizons – £159,412 per annum

 Youth Offending

Funding to support non statutory projects via:

  • City of York Council’s Youth Offending Team
  • North Yorkshire County Council’s Youth Justice Service

(Budget for 2016/17 – £375,000)

Working in partnership with the Community Safety Partnerships, Julia has also identified funding for:

Anger Management and Mediation Service

Anger Management and Mediation Service for victims & perpetrators of anti-social behaviour including neighbour and community disputes, general ASB and low level offending within the community. The services are delivered on a call-off basis (as and when required) by a consortium of specialist providers led by UNITE: until 31stMarch 2017, with potential to extend.

(Budget for 2016/17 – £30-50,000)