Activities to keep you entertained while at home

Keep active

PE with Joe Wicks
There’s no need for any equipment with Joe’s lessons designed to be done in living rooms using only bodyweight.

Become a DJ!

Audio books

Start a film club

  • Watch movies with your friends on Google Hangouts / Zoom. Pick a different film each week – you could even start a vlog of your reviews.
  • There’s also Netflix Party, which you can use to watch Netflix shows at the same time as your friends.

Art class

Become a tech genius!

See the universe!

Learn a new language

Rosetta Stone are offering three months free to learn a new language.

Become a quiz master

  • Make up a quiz and invite your friends to a Zoom / Hangouts to play. Something simple like Survey Monkey will do.

Write a short story

  • Want to be the next David Walliams or JK Rowling. All you need is a pen and paper!

Become a rock star!

Retro games night

  • Have a dig through your cupboards and find some old board games – and challenge your family to a games night!