Complaints with the police

How we can help with your complaint

To make a complaint about North Yorkshire Police, a police officer or a member of staff, you can do this online at: Report it – North Yorkshire Police

  • Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners do not have a separate complaints system to that of local police forces. If you have a complaint about the police locally, this must be dealt with by North Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Department or, in certain circumstances, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).
  • We cannot act as an official advocate for individual complainants, as our duty is to the public as a whole.
  • We cannot appeal on your behalf against a decision you do not agree with or feel aggrieved by.

If you have lodged an official complaint with North Yorkshire Police via the Professional Standards Department, you can decide to appeal against the outcome of the investigation or local resolution.  You can also appeal about the decision not to record or to ‘disapply’ your complaint.

If you have a complaint outstanding with the IPCC, please contact us for advice as special circumstances apply.

How we can help, we can:

  • pass on your complaint to the Professional Standards Department and monitor how they respond on your behalf,
  • help guide you through the complex process and provide reassurance about how your complaint is being handled by North Yorkshire Police,
  • liaise with the Professional Standards Department and ask them for an update on cases or for more information.

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