Jo Coles - York and North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Jo Coles - North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Trust and Confidence – Fire

Survey to gauge the level of public trust and confidence in North Yorkshire Fire and rescue Service.

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The survey takes under 5 minutes to complete and is open to everyone, whether you’ve had any contact with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service or not. We are interested in your opinion on how you perceive you would be treated by North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

Responses will influence Commissioner Zoë’s wider work, to promote change, ensure accountability and spread best practice and high standards of fire and rescue services.

The survey will remain open indefinity, results will be reviewed and published quarterly with the first being published in May 2023.

Please complete the survey here: 

Commissioner Zoë said: 

“It is within my role to hold the Chief Fire Officer to account, and so I want to regularly hear from members of the public to understand the level of trust and confidence they have in their fire and rescue service here in North Yorkshire and York, to ensure its delivering a service which keeps people safe and feeling safe.

“As set out in my Fire and Rescue Plan it is a priority of mine to engage with all communities, to identify need and risks and to reassure. I can’t do this without your feedback, and whether this is obtained through a survey, at a public event or through one of my advice surgeries, please know that you are listened to and can make a difference.

“We already know that you trust your Service but there is always room for improvement. Over the next two years it is my intention to see an increase in public confidence evident through positive customer feedback, a reduction in complaints, increased requests for Safe and Well visits and instilling within communities that you approach fire and rescue staff without concern and be helped readily and without bias.”

Jonathan Dyson, Chief Fire Office for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“We are committed to working with the Commissioner to establish a systematic approach to surveying the public and tracking the level of public confidence and trust in North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service. We welcome the opportunity that the Commissioner is establishing for the public to provide feedback on the services and support that we provide to local communities and look forward to receiving the survey results.”

A more comprehensive ‘Perception’ survey is available for anyone wanting to submit more detailed feedback on their experiences with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Please visit: