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101 – Improving customer service

Twenty-seventeen marks eighty years since the first 999 call was made in the UK, and it is safe to say policing has changed rather a lot in the intervening decades. One thing that has remained pretty constant throughout – the telephone has remained the primary option by which the police log and manage their work, be it emergency or non-emergency.

£1 million invested into safer communities

I wanted to do this job because through my work, I had seen first-hand the devastating effects of crime and from the outset, I understood that Police and Crime Commissioners would be able to do practical things to help people. For me this has particularly meant helping vulnerable people recover from crime and working in our communities to prevent harm. 

One shared garage – a public disservice

Back in November 2013, North Yorkshire’s police and fire services signed a pledge to share a swathe of buildings, support and back office services and to work better together in our local communities. The long list included joint HR, finance, training, transport, purchasing and communication teams. At the same time, a pilot called ‘the Safety […]

Beating cyber crime

Earlier this month, parts of our NHS fell victim to a cyber attack with the full extent of the breach causing havoc to thousands of organisations and individuals across more than 150 countries.

Domestic abuse hides in rural North Yorkshire   

Our county is characterised by low crime rates – currently the lowest in England – and safe and close communities. Indeed, these are a few of the many reasons why we love North Yorkshire so much.  However, the gentile surroundings of our towns and countryside can occasionally mask more serious problems.