27 October, 2014

Julia Mulligan publishes CSE health check report

Following the announcement of the Child Sexual Exploitation health check, Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has today (Monday 27 October) published the associated report.

Specifically, the report looked at:

  • How national plans translate to local practices and delivery
  • The overall strategic aims and tactical plans for tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in North Yorkshire
  • Partnership working, including the Local Safeguarding Children Boards
  • The known risks present in North Yorkshire from Child Sexual Exploitation and how North Yorkshire Police are dealing with them
  • Reassurance, there is evidence of effective practice and risk management to safeguard children and prosecute offenders.
  • A culture of continuous improvement in policies and procedures when dealing with Child Sexual Exploitation and ‘what works’
  • The difficulties of balancing the many factors that indicate a child could be susceptible to CSE.
  • The technical difficulties associated with the increasing volume of digital media and examination of this information.

Commenting on the health check, Julia Mulligan said, “I am committed to openness and transparency, and there was no question that this report would be put in the public domain.

Some sensitive material has had to be removed for the sake of victims, but the public should be reassured as I am that North Yorkshire Police are equipped to deal with the growing problem of Child Sexual Exploitation.

My focus now will be to raise potential gaps in education where I feel there is more we can do to prepare children for the dangers of sexual exploitation.”

Download the Child Sexual Exploitation Health Check report