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11 September, 2020

Julia Mulligan comments on the new Coronavirus rules.

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said:

“As always, it is important that we do all we can to stop the spread of Covid-19.

“These new rules are an attempt to achieve that, and I welcome the aim that they should be as simple as possible – both for those of us who are being asked to follow them, and for those who are being asked to check that we are.

“It is also important that the government are clear on what is expected of Covid marshals and the police, and I will be pushing for very clear guidance in the days and weeks ahead.

“North Yorkshire Police’s staff and officers have been working incredibly hard in recent months to keep us safe, and I know they will be continuing to engage, explain, encourage and – as a last resort – enforce the legislation that is coming into force. They have a difficult job and I thank them for their efforts.

“I also want to thank everyone across North Yorkshire and York for everything they are doing.

“Keeping our families and friends safe is not down to others, but down to all of us – by following the rules, washing our hands, covering our face and making space we can protect ourselves and others.”