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Ambitious Collaboration

We will reach out to partners and drive innovation forward to enhance policing, public protection, community safety and local justice services.

Many issues facing the police, old and new, cannot be resolved by the police alone and we need to work with others to keep people safe and prevent harm. To serve our communities best we will pursue an ambitious collaboration programme, with an open-minded and outward-facing perspective to ensure the right services are available to address both individual and community safety.

By working together better, we will improve the resilience and co-ordination of services in our communities and enhance their effectiveness.

To better tackle some of the most serious threats and criminality, we will make a stepchange in police/police collaboration. This means we will play a full part in meeting our obligations under the Strategic Policing Requirement and in forging regional and national collaborations, which improve efficiency and effectiveness locally.

Objective 1:

Fully embrace the opportunities presented by the 2017 duty to collaborate between ‘blue light’ services to deliver a more efficient and effective response that improves public safety and the resilience of services in our community.


Short term – Harm to vulnerable people is prevented and reduced through a proactive programme of targeted prevention activities such as ‘health and wellbeing’ visits to people’s homes, innovative workforce practices that provide a wider range of community safety services and being better at ensuring the right service is provided at the right time.

Short term – There will be significant improvement in how we share information, resulting in quicker and better identification of vulnerability, preventing victimisation and repeat victimisation, and ensuring all emergency services are aware of the needs of individuals.

Medium term – Calls for service will be better assessed and the most appropriate service deployed through enhanced joint working in community hubs and control rooms, leading to improved quality of service and better outcomes for the individual.

Long term – Increased resilience and a better use of resources due to increased blue light collaboration, especially in rural parts of the county, will mean people feel and report that they get a better, more visible service.

Objective 2:

Work more closely with criminal justice partners and local authorities to deliver a more joined up service for victims and witnesses, support local justice, reduce reoffending and improve conviction rates and other justice outcomes.


Medium term – Support for victims and witnesses will be better co-ordinated and their ‘journey’ through the criminal justice system will be simpler, more joined up and tailored around their needs. This will help victims cope and recover, as well as lead to an increase in the number of successful convictions for offences against vulnerable people.

Medium term – Offender management will be constructed around local needs and support for offenders, especially supervision, work/training, housing and substance misuse rehabilitation, will be available in a co-ordinated and timely manner reducing reoffending rates in local communities. Innovative offender management solutions will be pursued, including working closely with the third sector and the Community Fund.

Long term – Developing new technological solutions, such as mobile live links, will be sought to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal justice processes in our area and local justice will be protected and supported.

Objective 3:

Widen and deepen collaboration with policing partners regionally and nationally, ensuring that the best outcomes for North Yorkshire communities are achieved, to better tackle serious and organised crime, child sexual exploitation, human slavery and trafficking, and other serious and emerging threats.


Short term – An ambitious collaboration programme across a range of policing capabilities and services will be in place, which contributes to the Strategic Policing Requirement and takes full advantage of national and regional projects to meet local needs.

Long term – Collaboration projects will have started delivering significant efficiency savings and demonstrable improvements for North Yorkshire in policing capacity and capability through better sharing of resources, interoperability, technology, training and best practice.

Objective 4:

Maximise collaboration opportunities with local partners to improve effectiveness and make tangible efficiencies. Ambitiously develop the plans already in place to share premises and services, resulting in a willingness between partners to work more closely together.


Short term – There will be a refreshed plan to develop and enhance community safety and related services, such as CCTV, via Community Safety Partnerships, the Community Fund and other local bodies and funding streams.

Medium term – An ambitious ‘shared estates’ strategy, developed with partners, will have identified opportunities and made plans for co-locating people and services amongst all willing public sector partners, reducing the estates budget as a result.

Medium term – The opportunities for sharing support and ‘back office’ services as well as call handling and other referral services between partners are fully understood, and will have led to specific business cases being brought forward for the relevant opportunities.