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Enhancing the Customer Experience

We will embed an outward-facing perspective to guide all our endeavours, providing an exemplary service that exceeds expectations, whether that be in serving the public, shaping the organisation or working with colleagues and partners.

Providing an outstanding customer service will be at the heart of everything we do. Policing will become more flexible in its approach, and we will always respond appropriately and compassionately whilst maintaining professionalism and transparency, both with the public and within the organisation.

The services we provide will be more easily accessible and will be available in a variety of ways to meet the needs of all communities. Our communication will always be open, honest and clear and we will continue to modernise how people can interact with us.

Feedback from the public will drive change in the organisation and tangibly effect how policing services are delivered.

This approach will improve the public’s experience and perception of our service, and as confidence and trust in our police service improves across all communities, we expect to see an increase in reporting which will further help our intelligence gathering, effective response, prevention and detection of crime.

Objective 1:

Make policing more accessible by improving and widening the channels of communication by which the public can contact the police.


Short term – A more diverse and varied set of communication channels and services will be available, including innovative online reporting such as live chat, Track My Crime and online firearms licences which will see people reporting crime and intelligence, and accessing policing services, in different ways.

Medium term – Development of such communication channels will make full use of improvements in public contact at a national level, which we will embrace as they become available.

Medium term – The public will consistently report high satisfaction with the 101 service and waiting times will reduce to below the national average. Other ways to access the police will have shifted demand away from the control room and customer service will have improved.

Long term – As feelings of satisfaction around police contact improve and communication becomes more accessible, reporting of crime, ASB and intelligence will increase.

Objective 2:

Effective learning from legitimate complaints, which improves the customer experience and increases confidence and trust in local policing.


Short term – We will have reshaped the police complaints process in line with the opportunities afforded by the Policing and Crime Act (2017). Evidence and feedback from complainants and the workforce will indicate improved satisfaction and outcomes as a result.

Medium term – Legitimate police complaints will culturally be considered as an important and relevant part of policing and public interaction, and the public understand complaints are taken seriously and influence services provided.

Objective 3:

More efficient and timely customer service, that is as simple, straightforward and transparent as possible. This is equally applicable to internal customers and partners, as to the public.


Short term – An outward-looking review of key service interaction from the public’s perspective will have improved the timeliness and ease with which customer needs are met.

Short term – We will understand the impact of actions taken to improve customer service and be able to identify what more needs to be achieved through the effective gathering and analysis of customer satisfaction information.

Medium term – Productivity will increase as policies and procedures are streamlined, and a more proportionate attitude to risk will develop as people are better supported to make decisions.

Medium term – HR processes will have been reviewed and updated to ensure customer service is central to recruitment to all roles, and assists in embedding customer service as a cornerstone of services provided by North Yorkshire Police.

Objective 4:

A healthy, happy and confident workforce that better reflects the diversity of our community and can fulfil our priorities, through putting customer service and our values at the heart of the recruitment process, as well as ensuring we nurture and support our people.


Short term – We will have a robust strategic plan that ensures we have the right people with the right skills in place at the right time.

Medium term – A renewed focus on meeting the needs of internal and external customers will have fostered a problem-solving ‘can-do’ culture.

Medium term – Officers and staff will report confidence in their understanding, skills and freedom to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Medium term – Organisational diversity will have improved, with best practice from policing and private sectors, including the recruitment, retention and development of diverse staff and officers. A robust process supporting positive action will be implemented.

Long term – Workforce diversity will have contributed to increased confidence amongst communities.

Long term – Across the term of this plan, we will have continued to build our wellbeing programme helping to create a culture of trust and confidence in each other. Our workforce will report that they feel understood and valued, and feel able to ask for help when they need it without fear of sanction.