Corporate performance, delivery and scrutiny – 26 April 2016

The following statement will be read by the Commissioner at the beginning of the meeting:

Good afternoon and welcome. 

As we are in the pre-election period known as ‘purdah’, I would like to remind viewers and attendees of the purpose of this meeting.  In my capacity as Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, I have a statutory obligation to hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the public, for a range of matters that are stated in legislation.  

This month’s meeting is therefore being held by me as part of the ‘business as usual’ official duties of the Commissioner, so that I can undertake that obligation in the established way. The meeting will follow the same open and transparent format in that it is live streamed, it will consider factual and objective data and we will only take questions from the public on matters that are directly related to the agenda. 

If any questions are submitted by the public which raise matters which are political in nature, or which ask for my view as a candidate in the current PCC elections, it will not be appropriate for them to be addressed by me in this meeting, precisely because it’s an official engagement. Similarly, any issues which are raised in the meeting which might need to be taken forward as decisions of the PCC during the new PCC term, will be deferred until the first available opportunity after 12 May, which is the when that new term begins. 


To ask the Board a question

The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

  • To ask a question in advance 
    Send your question to before midday on Friday 22 April, please include your name and address with your question.
  • To ask a question during the meeting using Twitter
    To ask a question during the live broadcast, post your question on Twitter using #NYPscrutiny
    There will be a cut off point for asking questions, this will be announced during the meeting.

Meeting overview

This meeting will look at how the police are progressing with Police and Crime Plan – Priority one – Protect vulnerable people

Protecting and supporting the most vulnerable people in society is the primary focus of the Commissioner and North Yorkshire Police. This priority was seen as the most important by the public of North Yorkshire, and is also one of the most sensitive, challenging and important aspect of policing.

The Objectives under ‘Protect Vulnerable People’ are:

  • Increase the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Address Mental health – reduce risk and harm
  • Address domestic abuse and sexual violence


No Time Item Purpose Lead
1 13:30 Attendance and apologies To note attendance and apologies: Joanna Carter, Michael Porter, Leanne McConnell PCC/CC
2 13:35 Minutes of previous meeting To discuss and agree the draft minutes of the previous meeting held on 22nd March 2016 and provide updates on the action log All
3 13:40 Forward Planner To discuss proposed thematic items for future meetings All
4 13:45 Questions from the public To address questions raised by the public in advance in relation to the agenda PCC/CC
5 15:55 Inspection Activity To provide an overview of up and coming inspection activity CEO
6 14:05 Thematic –Priority 1: Protecting Vulnerable People To review the evidence to support progress to meet outcomes ACC Kennedy/ Supt Costello/ Jenni Newberry
7 14:50 Community Safety Hubs To provide an update on the Community Safety Hubs within North Yorkshire. Supt. Anderson
8 15:05 Performance / Outcome Updates Performance and outcome updates ACC Kennedy
9 15:15 Questions on Twitter To address questions raised by the public during the meeting in relation to the agenda PCC /CC
10 15:25 Any other business ALL
11 Date of Next Meeting 24th May 2016 at 13:30hrs in the Thornton Meeting Room, West Offices, York CC/PCC
12 15:30 Meeting part 2 To deal with matters of a restricted nature

Papers for this meeting