Executive Board


  • Julia Mulligan – Chair
    Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

  • Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Lisa Winward
    Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police
  • Phil Cain
    Deputy Chief Constable
  • Andrew Brodie
    Chief Fire Officer
  • Jon Foster
    Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  • Ray Ward
    Managing Director
  • Simon Dennis
    Interim Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer
  • Michael Porter
    PFCC’s Chief Finance Officer
  • Mike Clements
    Chief Constable’s Chief Finance Officer
  • ​Assistant Chief Constable (Specialist Operations)
  • ​OPFCC Policy and Scrutiny Manager
  • Assistant Chief Constable (Local Policing)
  • ​Head of Legal Services
  • ​Head of Partnerships and Commissioning
  • ​Head of Communications
  • ​Head of Human Resources


  • To allow the Commissioner to monitor the delivery of the police and crime plan
  • To allow the Commissioner and Chief Constable to get an in-depth understanding of corporate health
  • To understand progress being made against specific projects
  • Better understand the successes and failures of past projects
  • Provide a forum for the determination by the Commissioner of all matters which
    are at law decisions of the Police and Crime Commissioner, save for:

    • Matters which she at her absolute discretion shall from time to time determine outside of the meeting;
    • Matters which are for the time being determinable by delegates under the Scheme of Delegation
  • To provide a forum for the determination, by the Chief Constable in consultation with the Commissioner, of all matters which are at law decisions of the Chief Constable, save for matters which are (by virtue of the Policing Protocol 2011, the general law and within the meaning of the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Commissioner and the Chief Constable dated 22 November 2012) concerned with the exercise of police powers
  • To receive notification of matters which have been determined by delegates under the Scheme of Delegation where either:
    • The matter has been determined under Urgency Power; or
    • The delegate considers the matter to be of sufficient significance to be worthy of note
  • Consider any public feedback received


The standing agenda items for this meeting are:

  • Attendance and apologies
  • Previous minutes/actions
  • Police and Crime Plan
  • Progress on strategies
  • Performance and corporate health
  • Financial Plan/Strategy, and finance reporting
  • Any other Business (AoB)


  • This meeting was held every two months in 2018 and from 2019, it is now held monthly
  • Closed items may be withheld from publication. Closed items shall be those matters which in the opinion of the meeting are either
    • Exempt from publication within the meaning of Regulation 2(2)
    • Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011; or subject to a duty of confidence at common law
  • There will be an assumption that all those attending the meeting will have read the supporting documentation in advance where circulation is made

Updated 26 June 2019