Salaries that exceed £58,200

In line with the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 a list of staff members of the Commissioner whose salaries exceed £58,200 is published. Names of such senior employees are publishable unless consent is withheld.

The salary of the Commissioner is £74,400

The Chief Constable and the Commissioner will publish consistent senior officer salary information without distinction between warranted and non-warranted personnel. Strictly speaking, the Specified Information Order deals only with employees of the Commissioner. It does not apply to warranted (i.e. police officer) personnel. Chief Police Officer salaries will therefore be published by consent. Pay ranges are shown in respect of other police officers whose remuneration is above £58,200 and both the Chief Constable and the Commissioner continue to consult with the staff association representing that group of officers.

Police officer salary scales are published by the Home Office as part of the Home Secretary’s Determination to the Police Regulations 2003.

Senior salaries above £58,200

Initials Surname Position Annual Salary FTE 
Employed by the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire
Julia Mulligan Police Fire & Crime Commissioner 74,400 ** 1
Richard Jones Head of Digital Information Systems 75,672 1
Jennifer Newberry Head of Commisioning & Partnerships 75,672 1
Jane Wintermeyer Force Solicitor & Head of Legal Services 75,672 1
Louise Wood Head of Communications 72,449 1
Richard Flint Head of Estates & Logistics 69,362 1
Maria Earles Head of Organisation and Development 64,979 1
William Naylor Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner 45,450 1
Michael Porter Chief Finance Officer £39,316 ***
*** Collaboration agreement with Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland
Fraser Sampson Interim Chief Executive Officer £105,149 ****
**** Collaboration agreement with Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire
Employed by the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire
Lisa Winward Chief Constable 142,689 1
Philip Cain Deputy Chief Constable 117,690 1
Amanda Oliver Assistant Chief Constable 106,986 1
Jane Palmer Chief Constable’s Chief Finance Officer & Chief Accountant 86,708 1
Simon Mason National Crime Agency Secondment 87,327 1
Head of Professional Standards 78,888 1
Head of Human Resources 69,362 1
Head of Criminal Justice 59,187 1
Detective Superintendent Major Crime 78,888 1
Superintendent Proactive Policing 78,888 1
Superintendent Partnerships Hub 66,789 1
Senior Operational Commander 78,888 1
Operational Technology Lead 78,888 1
Senior Operational Commander 73,947 1
Detective Superintendent Safeguarding 66,789 1
Superintendent YATH 73,947 1
Senior Operational Commander 66,789 1
Detective Superintendent 73,947 1
Detective Superintendent 73,947 1


  • ** Julia Mulligan is not in a pension scheme
  • ** £74,400 salary is effective 15th November after transfer of Governance of NYFRS
  • Police Officers received a 2% payrise with effect from 1 September 2018
  • Police Staff are also due to receive a payrise with effect from 1 September 2018, but negotiations have not yet been concluded so salaries quoted here do not include any increase.

Executive Board arrangements

These documents will be updated twice a year, based on the October and April payrolls.

Updated 14 December 2018

Gender pay gap reporting

Organisations employing 250 or more people are now required to publish certain calculations each year, to show the size of the pay gap between male and female employees. This is known as the gender pay gap.