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06/2021 – AJ1 Project Road Safety Fund

£355,228.36 has been awarded to 81 road safety projects.

DN 06/2021 Date 12/3/2021

In 2020, the Commissioner approved a total amount of £190,085 to be made available to support community-based Road Safety projects (please refer to DN 10/2020 ).

A one-time application and panel process took place between August – October 2020 to determine projects (please refer to AJ1 Project Road Safety Fund – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire (

A total of 106 applications were received, exceeding the £190,085 funding available by over 400%. To support application evaluation, NYCC Highways and Transportation Department were sent summaries of key information in relation to all highways engineering related applications, to review and ensure viability. County Councillors were also invited to review relevant applications from their local area in advance of the panel.

To ensure decisions were informed by experience, the panel included representatives of partners involved with the 95 Alive Partnership:

  • North Yorkshire Police (NYP)
  • Office of the North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC)
  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (NYFRS)
  • North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and City of York Council (CYC)

To maximise the benefit of this funding and in line with the original guidance and purpose of the funding as set out on the PFCC website, parish / town level applications, (supported by NYCC Highways and Transportation), with identified match funding were prioritised for full financial support. Parish / town level applications, (supported by NYCC Highways and Transportation), but without identified match funding were prioritised for partial financial support.

A total of 81/106 projects have been agreed for funding.  The £165,143.56 difference has been supplemented by other grant funding underspends.  A full list of supported projects is below: 

  Name of project Name of applicant / organisation Amount Awarded District
1 Actions have Consequences Actions Have Consequences (Volunteer-led group) £3,542.70 Countywide
2 Carleton in Craven Speed Warning Project Carleton in Craven Parish Council £3,250.00 Craven
3 Cononley Village Gateways Cononley Parish Council and Speedwatch Group £8,750.00 Craven
4 Traffic Calming on the A65, Ingleton Ingleton Parish Council £1,400.00 Craven
5 Village Safer Speeds Thornton-in-Craven Parish Council £1,364.95 Craven
6 Surveys Bradley Both Parish Council £5,180.00 Craven
7 Gargrave Station Safety  Improvement Project Gargrave Parish Council £928.76 Craven
8 Oak Tree Park Safety Initiative Bagby and Balk Parish Council £1,750.00 Hambleton
9 Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)  Brompton Lane Brompton Town Council £3,500.00 Hambleton
10 Vehicle Activated Speed Signs Sutton on the Forest Parish Council £3,227.00 Hambleton
11 Faceby Bus Shelter Faceby Community Projects – Bus Shelter Project £3,000.00 Hambleton
12 Tholthorpe Safer Roads Tholthorpe Parish £9,000.00 Hambleton
13 Newby Wiske, Otteringtons and Maunby Road Safety Group Newby Wiske, Otteringtons and Maunby Road Safety Group £11,066.54 Hambleton
14 Crayke Reduce Your Speed Scheme Crayke Parish Council £3,000.00 Hambleton
15 A Slower Romanby Romanby Parish Council £3,350.00 Hambleton
16 3 Villages Speed Reduction Project Potto Seamer and Crathorne Parish Council £4,235.00 Hambleton
17 Respect for footpaths and traffic Coxwold Parish Council £2,500.00 Hambleton
18 Londonderry Junction Exelby Leeming and Londonderry Parish Council £5,600.00 Hambleton
19 Huby Speed Awareness Signs Huby Parish Council £2,128.00 Hambleton
20 Thirsk Road Speed Reduction Project Northallerton Town Council £1,221.64 Hambleton
21 Stay Safe Slow Down Stokesley Conservation Area Advisory Group £2,018.80 Hambleton
22 LED Lighting upgrade for Easingwold Primary School Zebra Crossing Easingwold Town Council  – Safety Working Group £838.60 Hambleton
23 Linton Road Safety Linton on Ouse Parish Council £815.36 Hambleton
24 Shipton Road Safety Shipton by Beningbrough Parish Council £1,916.32 Hambleton
25 Cycle Newton Newton-on-Ouse Parish Council £1,862.00 Hambleton
26 Speed Reduction Reinforcement Hackforth & Ainderby Miers with Holtby Parish Council £2,912.00 Hambleton and Richmondshire
27 Advanced Driving skills for Young Drivers and Older Drivers Northallerton Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) group £3,136.00 Hambleton and Richmondshire
28 VAS speed limit signage Spofforth with Stockeld Parish Council £3,000.00 Harrogate
29 The River Ure Bridge Lighting Safety Project Boroughbridge Town Council £13,000.00 Harrogate
30 Traffic calming measures North Rigton Parish Council £4,100.00 Harrogate
31 Traffic calming measures Follifoot with Plompton Parish Council £2,750.00 Harrogate
32 Making Scotton Safer Scotton Community Speedwatch Action Group £19,363.00 Harrogate
33 Sicklinghall Parish Council chicane Sicklinghall Parish Council £2,000.00 Harrogate
34 Children and Community Pedestrian Road Safety Local Cllr on behalf of Woodfield School Governors £20,000.00 Harrogate
35 Pedestrian Island on A61 Pannal Sports Junior Football Club £3,078.32 Harrogate
36 Boroughbridge Wetherby Road VAS project Boroughbridge Town Council £1,001.00 Harrogate
37 The Minskip Village Vehicle Activated Speed Sign Road Safety Project Boroughbridge Town Council £2,002.00 Harrogate
38 Burton Leonard Road Traffic Speed Controlling Measures Burton Leonard Parish Council £1,992.48 Harrogate
39 Improving road safety for cyclists and pedestrians Dacre Parish Council £980.00 Harrogate
40 Road Safety in Flaxby Goldsborough and Flaxby Parish Council £560.00 Harrogate
41 Speed Limit Reminder Masham Parish Council £3,500.00 Harrogate
42 Pavement Improvement Masham Bridge to Low Burton Masham Parish Council £560.00 Harrogate
43 Mobile VAS Pateley Bridge Town Council £902.16 Harrogate
44 Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton and Dallowgill Community Considerate Driving campaign Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton and Dallowgill Parish Council £1,321.60 Harrogate
45 Richmondshire Area Motorcycle Project  (RAMP) RAMP £9,320.00 Richmondshire
46 Safer Driving Richmond School and Sixth Form College £1,074.00 Richmondshire
47 VAS North East Richmondshire Vehicle Activated Signs syndicate £6,454.00 Richmondshire
48 Summer Road Safety Training Wensleydale Bike Club £462.00 Richmondshire
49 Traffic Speed Reduction in Helmsley Helmsley Town Council £3,000.00 Ryedale
50 Road Safety Project York Road, Malton Malton Town Council £3,550.00 Ryedale
51 Road Safety Project, Scarborough Road, Norton Norton On Derwent Town Council £2,408.75 Ryedale
52 Safe Pedestrian Path Buttercrambe Community Group £1,200.00 Ryedale
53 Continuing to reduce speeding in our Village Weaverthorpe Parish Council £1,900.00 Ryedale
54 Safe Cycle Route Section A Kirkbymoorside Town Council in partnership with Ryedale Cycle Forum £20,000.00 Ryedale
55 Road Safety Shelter Art Project
Highfield Road, Malton
Malton Town Council £4,000.00 Ryedale
56 Traffic Calming Project Whitwell with Crambe Parish Council £50.67 Ryedale
57 Great and Little Barugh Road Safety Improvements Great and Little Barugh Parish Council £3,547.59 Ryedale
58 Swinton Path for Everyone; part of the Hovingham-Malton Path for Everyone Malton and Norton Area Partnership £5,600.00 Ryedale
59 Glaisdale Footpath project Glaisdale Parish Council £20,000.00 Scarborough
60 Road Safety Signs East Ayton Parish Council and Brompton by Sawdon Parish Council £6,000.00 Scarborough
61 Long Lane-Quiet Lane Seamer Parish Council £2,980.00 Scarborough
62 Front of School Pedestrian Safety Barriers George Pindar School £3,800.00 Scarborough
63 VAS Project Newby and Scalby Parish Council £2,147.32 Scarborough
64 VAS Burniston Parish Council £2,131.36 Scarborough
65 Lythe and Sandsend Road Safety for Life Lythe Parish Council £2,914.80 Scarborough
66 Hambleton Village Road Safety Project Hambleton Parish Council £20,000.00 Selby
67 VAS speed limit signage Barkston Ash Parish Council £3,000.00 Selby
68 Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) Project Kellington Parish Council £1,962.00 Selby
69 Kelfield Road Safety Kelfield Parish Council £1,000.00 Selby
70 Monk Fryston VAS signs Monk Fryston Parish Council £6,000.00 Selby
71 Towton Road Safety Project Towton, Grimston and Kirkby Wharfe with North Milford Parish Council –  Traffic Safety Sub-Committee £7,500.00 Selby
72 Speed Management Project Kirk Smeaton Parish Council £3,398.75 Selby
73 Sherburn in Elmet VAS Sherburn in Elmet Parish Council £3,000.00 Selby
74 Whitley Road Safety Improvements Whitley Parish Council £5,000.00 Selby
75 Little Smeaton Speed Control Measures Little Smeaton Parish Council £2,940.00 Selby
76 Skipwith traffic calming scheme Skipwith Parish Council £1,680.00 Selby
77 Church Fenton Highways Project Church Fenton Parish Council £4,295.76 Selby
78 Eggborough Traffic Calming Initiative Eggborough Parish Council £2,943.17 Selby
79 Keep Kids Safe York Advanced Drivers £8,940.00 York
80 Commnity Action Strategy for Traffic Rufforth with Knapton Parish Council £3,823.96 York
81 Pedestrian Crossing Elvington Parish Council £5,600.00 York
TOTAL £355,228.36

All grant monies awarded are subject to ongoing monitoring arrangements, and any changes to the way the grant is to be used must be discussed and agreed with the Commissioning & Partnerships Manager on behalf of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner.  All successful applicants are required to evidence how the money has been spent, and the Commissioner may request to visit the project supported by the Road Safety grant.

Decision Record


Julia Mulligan

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

Statutory Officer Advice

Legal, Management and Equality Implications

Having read this Decision Notice in draft and having considered such information as has been provided at the time of being asked to express this view, the Interim Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer is satisfied that this Decision Notice does not ask the Commissioner to make a decision which would (or would be likely to) give rise to a contravention of the law.

Financial and Commercial

The Commissioner’s Chief Finance Officer and S151 Officer is content that the additional funding required to support the projects within this decision record form, that is in excess of the funds available from the sale of ‘AJ1’, is available from other budgets available to the PFCC and therefore the funding to support all of these projects is affordable

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