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All expenditure of the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is committed to publishing all expenditure for herself and the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner, not just those over £500. 

The Commissioner and her staff endeavor to achieve good value for money in all expenditure, and various options are assessed at every feasible point to ensure taxpayers money is spent in the best possible manner.

It is a statutory requirement that all expenditure made by the Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner over £500 is published on a regular basis, the Commissioner exceeds this requirement.

Office expenditure

To ensure that the information we publish is as accurate as possible we are currently reviewing our processes. This is delaying how quickly we can publish the information.





2016 (5 May onwards)

13 November 2012 – 5 May 2016

North Yorkshire Police expenditure

updated 22 September 2020

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