Police precept

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the local police ‘precept’ – the amount people pay through their council tax for policing.

Consultation for the 2022/2023 precept

The precept for 2021/22

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has set the Band D Police Element of the Council Tax within North Yorkshire for 2021/22 at £271.06.

This is an increase of £5.29 per year, or 1.99% over the 2020/21 level. 

Your contribution through your council tax 2021/22

Property Band 2020/21 2021/22 Increase per year Increase per week
A £177.18 £180.71 £3.53 7p
B £206.71 £210.82 £4.11 8p
C £236.24 £240.94 £4.70 9p
D £265.77 £271.06 £5.29 10p
E £324.83 £331.30 £6.47 12p
F £383.89 £391.53 £7.64 15p
G £442.95 £451.77 £8.82 17p
H £531.54 £542.12 £10.58 20p

Income and expenditure

Funding for the police

2020/21 2021/22
Funding from Government £74.4m £79.1m
Council tax precept – your contribution £81.1m £81.9m
Council tax grants £7.9m £9.0m
Specific grants £5.9m £5.2m
Fees, Charges and Partnerships £8.0m £7.3m
Total funding £177.2m £182.5m

Police budget breakdown

2020/21 2021/22
Police officers £85.3m £87.1m
Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) £7.6m £7.7m
Police staff £37.0m £37.9m
Policing priorities fund £3.5m
Buildings and transport £6.9m £7.0m
Supplies and services £23.7m £23.1m
Other spend * £12.0m £18.5m
Office of the PFCC £1.2m £1.2m
Total spending plan £177.2m £182.5m

* This includes Community Safety Funding and Commissioned Services, Police Officer Medical and Injury Pensions, Cost of Capital and Use of Reserves.

Precept leaflet

Download the 2021/2022 precept leaflet

Correspondence with the Police Fire and Crime Panel

Police precept consultation results and proposal: