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Police precept

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the local police ‘precept’ – the amount people pay through their council tax for policing.

Introduction from Commissioner Zoë

As your Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, my role is to be your voice in holding the police and fire services to account. My aim is to ensure they are effective and efficient, meeting the needs of your community.

My role also includes the commissioning of services to; help victims of crime cope and recover, address violence against women and girls, rehabilitate offenders, to name a few.

By law I am required to set the police and fire precepts – the amounts dedicated to policing and fire and rescue services in North Yorkshire and York from every household.

Following careful consideration of public feedback, I have set the precepts for our police and fire services.

These are difficult times for families and individuals so I have tried to balance the pressures on household finances with the need to continue to ensure we give North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue the resources to keep us safe and feeling safe.

2023/2024 police precept

  • The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has set the Band D Police Element of the Council Tax within North Yorkshire for 2023/24 at £295.09
  • This is an increase of £14.03 per year, or 4.99% over the 2022/23 level. 

Your contribution through your council tax 2023/24

Property band 2022/2023 2023/2024 Increase per year Increase per week
A  £   187.37  £   196.72  £    9.35  £    0.18
B  £   218.60  £   229.51  £  10.91  £    0.21
C  £   249.83  £   262.30  £  12.47  £    0.24
D  £   281.06  £   295.09  £  14.03  £    0.27
E  £   343.52  £   360.66  £  17.14  £    0.33
F  £   405.98  £   426.24  £  20.26  £    0.39
G  £   468.43  £   491.81  £  23.38  £    0.45
H  £   562.12  £   590.18  £  28.06  £    0.54

Income and expenditure

Funding for the police

Police – Funding 2022/23 2023/24
Funding from Government £83.5m £83.8m
Council tax precept – your contribution £86.9m £92.4m
Council tax grants £7.9m £7.9m
Specific grants £6.1m £8.8m
Fees, Charges and Partnerships £7.1m £8.4m
Total funding £191.5m £201.4m

Police budget breakdown

Police – Budget 2022/23 2023/2024
Police officers £92.3m 99.9m
Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) £8.2m 6.9m
Police staff £40.6m 45.0m
Buildings and transport £7.6m 9.1m
Supplies and services £22.4m 23.3m
Other spend * £19.0m 15.8m
Office of the PFCC £1.3m 1.4m
Total spending plan £191.4m 201.4m

* This includes Community Safety Funding and Commissioned Services, Police Officer Medical and Injury Pensions, Cost of Capital and Use of Reserves.

How your money will be spent

Your precept will contribute towards:

  • Investment in the Force Control Room to improve 999 and 101 call handling times.
  • 25 additional police officers.
  • Investment in staffing to improve services protecting children, victims of domestic abuse and safeguard the most vulnerable.
  • Improving services to investigate crime, ensuring that more perpetrators are successfully routed through the criminal justice system and convicted at court.
  • Investment in the Digital Forensics Unit to improve the time taken to investigate devices, reducing the time taken to bring perpetrators to justice.
  • Increasing costs of gas, electricity, fuel, insurance, and other services linked to the cost of living increase.

Precept leaflet

Precept leaflet - front cover - Introductory text and image of Commissioner Zoe. Text reproduced on this page

Printing error in the precept leaflet delivered with your council tax bill

We apologise for the printing error which appeared in the precept leaflet, delivered with your council tax bill.

In the “Police information” table outlining “Your contribution” the contribution for a Band D property in 2022/23 should read £281.06.

The information on this page is correct.

Correspondence with the Police Fire and Crime Panel

Police precept consultation results and proposal: