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How to report your speeding concern and what you can expect to happen

If you have a concern about vehicles speeding through your community the first thing you should do is to report it.

Commenting on road safety, Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe said:

“I am always listening to our communities’ concerns, through local meetings, my advice surgeries and correspondence with my office.

“Road safety is one of my key priorities and one of my first jobs was to publish the new Safer Roads Strategy for North Yorkshire and York.

“Although I am the link between the public and the police and fire and rescue service – to make sure they do a good job on the public’s behalf, operational policing, such as deciding where and when to enforce the law, is the Chief Constable’s responsibility.

“I regularly and publicly hold the Chief Constable to account during my public accountability meetings, which are broadcast live and include questions from the public on my chosen topic for scrutiny.

“I am hearing that road safety is becoming more of an issue for some communities and next year, 2023, I will be holding a public accountability meeting to look, in depth, at how North Yorkshire Police are keeping our roads and communities safe”

“Speeding motorists and anti-social behaviour on our roads has always been a major concern with communities and I will continue to raise this with the Chief Constable to ensure that the force are taking the most appropriate action necessary.”

Reporting speeding concerns

To report a site causing concern due to speeding vehicles you must provide all of the following information:

  • Your name and contact details (address, email, telephone)
  • Details of the location where speeding is occurring (road name/ number, town/ village, landmark or location description e.g. house number or junction)
  • When the speeding is occurring e.g. whether there are any days or times of the week in which the problem is worse
  • What type of vehicle causing the problem e.g. cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses
  • Whether the vehicles are being driven by general traffic, local residents or employees of a particular company
  • Any additional information which you think may help us to understand your concern

You should make this report:

Once you have completed the form, the following process will be followed:speed management protocol flow chart

Once a Speed concern report is submitted an investigation will be undertaken to examine accident data and traffic speeds at that specific location. This investigation will determine what  action will be taken.

When you submit your form you will receive an acknowledgement and once the investigation is completed you will be informed of the conclusions.

Report bad driving

North Yorkshire Police’s Operation Snap encourages those who witness the anti-social use of vehicles or poor driving, to report them online, as part of their road safety campaign. Members of the public are also encouraged to upload dash cam or mobile phone footage of dangerous or anti-social driving they have witnessed.

A profile of information will be collated for the police to assess and act upon, to ensure guidance and advice can be provided to those who need it.

Community speed watch

Drawing drivers’ attention to speed limits in areas where communities say it is affecting their quality of life. Community Speed Watch also educates drivers about the effects that anti-social road use can have on local people.

Find out more about Community Speed watch

Speeding fines

If you have a question about a speeding fine issued by North Yorkshire Police you will need to contact the North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau: