Community remedy

Having your say in how anti-social behaviour offenders make amends

Through Community Remedy, victims of anti-social behaviour can have a say in how offenders should make amends for their actions, based on a list of options.

  • Paying for the damage they have caused.
  • Referral to an alcohol abuse programme, so they can learn how to tackle their problem drinking.
  • Entering into a contract which spells out acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. If the offender breaks this contract, this can be used as evidence for formal action.

The suitability of the options depends on the nature of the offence, the age of the offender and the particular circumstances, so your police officer will discuss the situation with you, to help you to come to the best solution. The police officer will do their best to take your views into account before deciding the final course of action.

In some cases, your police officer may be able to suggest additional options that are available in your local area. They will explain any additional possibilities to you, so you can take these into account.

Anti-social behaviour is a term that covers a wide range of problems that can cause misery in communities.

Some typical examples of anti-social behaviour include:

  • Rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour
  • Street drinking
  • Littering
  • Noise
  • Animal problems
  • Vehicle nuisance or abandoned (not stolen) cars
  • Trespass