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Help and advice on parking issues

Dangerous parking

North Yorkshire Police have sole responsibility for certain non-yellow line parking offences on the roads such as dangerous parking, obstruction and all moving traffic offences.

The police can only take action if the vehicle is blocking a pavement or causing an obstruction to the highway and then only if they witness the offence.

To report a vehicle causing an obstruction or hindering the safety of the public you should report it to the police by calling 101.

Reporting a parking infringement

To report a parking infringement, for example:

  • parking on single or double yellow lines
  • parking on zig zag lines at a school or crossing
  • parking across a footpath dropped kerb for use by public/disabled to cross the road
  • parking in a parking bay outside the bay markings
  • parking without a permit
  • or miss use of a Blue Badge.

report to:

How we can help

We have been able to help in the past, where there had been a reoccurring issue of obstructive parking. This was achieved by raising awareness of the issue with the local policing team.

If you have a reoccurring parking concern, it’s important that you also report it to your local authority, as there may be a need for a more permanent solution.