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We currently have the following opportunities:

Communications and Engagement Manager

  • Location: North Yorkshire (Hybrid Working – Office / Home)
  • Contract: Permanent, Full Time, 37 hours per week
  • Salary: PO 6-9 £40,278 – £43,620
  • Closing date: 9.00am on the 26th of September 2023
  • Job Description.pdf

We have an exciting opportunity for a Communications and Engagement Manager to join The Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC) and lead the Communications and Engagement team in promoting and raising awareness of the work of the OPFCC.

Working as part of the OPFCC Senior Leadership Team (SLT) you will be demonstrably strategic in your approach to leading the OPFCC in their communication and engagement strategy across both traditional and digital platforms to ensure the North Yorkshire community is engaged and informed of the work that the PFCC. You will regularly assess the integrity and impact of content and campaigns and explore innovative ways to engage with the public on the PFCC’s Police & Crime Plan and Fire & Rescue Plan.

You will have the opportunity to write core scripts, messaging and lead on the preparation of reactive statements for use across multiple channels; developing and implementing a strong communication strategy and plans whilst analysing the resulting engagement and success.

Working effectively as a leader, managing a small, dynamic communications and engagement team, you will build and maintain effective, professional relationships with the media, political and executive stakeholders and pay close attention to local and national news to identify areas that the PFCC may wish to comment on.

To be successful in the role, you will:

  • Demonstrate a high standard of written English, tone, and language style
  • Have demonstrable leadership experience (including project and team management) within a communication context
  • Build strong working relationships and be able to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Have experience in creating copy for a wide range of audiences across different channels. You may have expereince in writing press releases, statements, video and other creative media
  • Demonstrate excellent organisational skills with the ability to manage workload dependent on current priorities.
  • Be able to work confidently and independently as a leader

For a full outline of the responsibilities of the role, please view the job description attached to this advert.

Working for us – what we can offer you 

Working for the OPFCC is rewarding and brings opportunities to make a real difference not only internally but to the communities we serve.

You’ll receive a competitive salary and be entitled to a Local Government pension scheme, leave entitlements and other employee benefits. Unison is the recognised trade union and there are also several employee support networks. You’ll also benefit from discounts on shopping and eating out as part of the Blue Light Card scheme.

You will be welcomed into an organisation that is committed to ensuring everyone is treated fairly and supported equally. We value different perspectives, skills and experiences and we care about the well-being of our staff, and actively support people so they can perform to their best.

We are committed to staff wellbeing, and while this role will occasionally require work outside of normal hours, we are able to offer flexible and remote working, as well as a modern office space in Harrogate.

We value difference. We have a positive action team who are dedicated to supporting you through your application and beyond. If you feel you need any reasonable adjustments to help reach your potential, please contact our Positive Action Team

How to apply:

Ethics Board Independent Lay Member  [Volunteer role]

  • Closing date for applications: – 4th September 2023

The North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police wish to enhance and embed an exemplary ethical culture within North Yorkshire Police, where integrity, impartiality, transparency and public service are at the core of all decisions and actions.

The Commissioner and Chief Constable recognise that police legitimacy comes from transparent, honest, fair and respectful treatment of the public. To enhance public trust and confidence in North Yorkshire Police requires every officer and member of staff to consider their ethical behaviour in every interaction.

The Commissioner and Chief Constable also recognise that an ethical tenor across the organisation helps to create a motivated, inclusive workforce who feel valued and either exemplify or strive to meet and where possible exceed our values and standards, who know that they are respected by the organisation and recognise that it is driven by fair organisational justice.

The Code of Ethics forms a central part of policing’s approach to ethical behaviour. However, the Commissioner and Chief Constable acknowledge that to truly embed ethics at the heart of every decision and action, requires a further step change for every individual and for the organisation.

The IEAB will provide guidance, support and challenge to the Commissioner and Chief Constable as they seek to attain beacon status in terms of embedding an ethical and values-driven culture. The IEAB will help resolve ethical dilemmas and provide advice and guidance, signalling where a new or different course may need to be taken to ensure that standards match our ambition. The fresh perspective of our IEAB and its independence of mind, coupled with delivery of its messages to us with absolute candour, will benefit us immensely.


The IEAB will provide independent advice and guidance to the Commissioner and Chief Constable regarding ethical issues and in so doing, enhance trust and confidence in the ethical governance and actions of the organisation.

The IEAB will support the Commissioner and Chief Constable to:

  • Promote the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Provide a focus for education into ethical issues.
  • Provide a source of support to others.
  • Advise on compliance with organisational values, practice and behaviours.

Board Responsibilities:

The IEAB will advise and support the Commissioner and Chief Constable in ensuring the highest standard of professional ethics are adhered to within policing services in North Yorkshire. They will help assess ethical dilemmas and contentious matters referred to the Board, bringing insightful perspectives and experiences from diverse backgrounds and professions to support decision-making. The Board will act as a ‘critical friend’ to decision makers but will not be a decision maker in its own right.

The IEAB will provide advice on the following matters:

  • Policy and Procedure
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Conduct
  • People

Role of an Independent Lay Member:

The role of an independent Lay member to the IEAB is to engage with regular meetings considering ethical issues within policing.

The IEAB will provide independent advice to the Commissioner and Chief Constable regarding ethical issues and for enhancing trust and confidence in the ethical governance and actions of the organisation.

The Board will support the Commissioner and Chief Constable to:

  • Promote the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Help resolve ethical dilemmas.
  • Embed ethics in everyday decisions and actions.
  • Provide a focus for education into ethical issues.
  • Provide an independent source of support and challenge to others.
  • Ensure compliance with organisational values and Code of Ethics.


The frequency and timing of meetings will ensure that the IEAB is able to fulfil its responsibilities relating to the functions specified. It is expected that the IEAB will meet quarterly with dates of meetings planned 12 months in advance.  It is expected that meetings may take place online and in future it is likely that meetings will be of a blended format of some attending in person, some virtually.  If meetings are held in person, then they will normally take place within the North Yorkshire Police or OPFCC estate.  Meetings can be held within a working day or during the evening.

Lay Members are expected to be available to attend all meetings, unless there are reasonable explanations for not attending (i.e., sickness).

Cost and Expenses:

The role is voluntary however, reasonable travel and parking expenses can be claimed. Full details of all expenses that can be paid will be provided to the successful candidate.


Applicants will be asked to demonstrate experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Integrity, transparency, and ethics
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • People and Organisational Development
  • Communication.


Members of the IEAB must be independent of North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, enableNY and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Serving (or previously serving) police officers, police staff, fire fighters or staff, enableNY staff, anyone employed in any Police (Fire) and Crime Commissioner Office (or equivalent) or an employee of a council which is represented on the Police, Fire and Crime Panel are not eligible for appointment to the Board. Volunteers serving for any of those organisations will not normally be eligible for appointment, but please seek guidance if you fit that category.

Political activity in itself is no bar to appointment. However, applicants will be asked to declare any significant political activity (which includes holding office, public speaking, making a recordable donation or candidature for election) which they have undertaken in the last five years. This information will only be provided to the recruitment panel for those applicants selected for interview. For your information, details of the successful candidates declared political activity will be published.  There will be an ongoing obligation to all political restrictions.

Before an appointment to the IEAB panel is confirmed, candidates will be required to undergo the relevant level of vetting associated with this role.  (Candidates should note that all arrests, convictions and cautions must be declared on the vetting form whether or not they are “spent” under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act).

Please note a person who is an un-discharged bankrupt is not eligible for appointment to the IEAB.

All appointees must sign a declaration that they agree to uphold the Committee on Standards in Public Life’s Seven Principles of Public Life.

All appointees must agree to their name and declarations of interests being made publicly available – including on the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website as well as North Yorkshire Police’s website.

Selection Process:

On receipt of any Expression of Interest, potential candidates’ applications will be reviewed in line with the role and person specification. Those potential candidates meeting the relevant criteria will then be contacted and invited for an interview discussion at a mutually convenient time via MS Teams.

How to apply:

Please visit this link to fill out an application

Crew and Watch Manager

  • Closing date for applications – 23:59 10 September 2023

We have exciting opportunities for a number of Crew and Watch Manager roles to support across the Service. We’re looking for outstanding individuals to deliver real and sustainable benefits for the public, transforming our service delivery.

Applicants will require strong leadership and communication skills and be able to lead, manage and develop others, and deliver the Service’s strategy through tactical planning.

With the potential to be an effective manager and leader, successful candidates will have an innovative approach to deliver plans across the Service to achieve positive results. With a strong focus on collaboration, you will have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to form positive working relationships and develop teams to improve performance. You will recognise the importance of a diverse workforce and promote a culture of equality and inclusion.

The NFCC Leadership Framework includes four quadrants which are detailed below.

  • Personal impact  ensures we value, respect, and promote equality and diversity. It’s about being a positive presence on others, having personal integrity and an ability to self-manage. The focus is on self and how a manager uses leadership to create a positive, open-working environment focusing on ethics and wellbeing.
  • Outstanding leadership is about building high performing teams and developing people to their full potential. It’s about communicating with integrity, being open and honest to foster trust and building collaborative working partnership. An ambassador and role model for the Fire and Rescue Service. The focus is on others and how a manager uses leadership to create high performing teams.
  • Organisational effectiveness is ensuring everything we do is linked to organisational plans and values. It’s driving the mission and ensuring decisions and actions are beneficial to the customer. The focus is on the organisation and how a manager uses leadership to continuously improve, innovate and change.
  • Service delivery is about delivering high quality services now and into the future. It’s about intelligent problem solving with an outcome focussed approach, continuous improvement and value for money to our customers. The focus is on task and how a manager uses leadership to produce outcome focussed results which meet customer needs.

Should you be successful in passing the full process, you may not be posted immediately. Should this happen, you will be held on a holding list for 12 months.


The base salary for Crew Manager is £40,161 (no development rate paid in North Yorkshire). You will be paid the competent rate for pay purposes until you have completed your development folder, once completed, your status will change to competent in role.

Watch Manager base salaries are:

  • Development £41,031
  • Competent (A) £42,170
  • Competent (B) £44,911


The definition of eligibility is contained within the Recruitment pack.


The roles will be based across the county of North Yorkshire.

Key Documents

If you do not currently have a CV, we have created a basic template to use to create a basic CV to complement your application. It is a mandated requirement to attach a CV with your application.  Basic CV Template.doc

Key dates

Positive Action and Reasonable Adjustments

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to the principles of fairness and equality and all applications will be treated in a fair and equal manner. If you require any reasonable adjustments to support submitting your application form, please contact


Checks will be required for anyone new to Service, transferring or being promoted into a NYFRS Supervisory Manager post. NPPV vetting may also be required for certain job roles, as specified.

Should you wish to discuss the role requirements in more detail please contact

How to apply:

Independent Custody Visitors

View through cell door spy holeDo you have what it takes to check prisoner welfare, custody conditions and police behaviour?

North Yorkshire Police Fire & Crime Commissioner, has responsibility for a team of ‘Independent Custody Visitors,  a team of volunteers who make unannounced visits to police stations in North Yorkshire. They speak with people detained in custody, check their welfare and the conditions in which they are being held and submit reports on their visits.

Independent custody visiting is a vital element of the work of the Office of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner in ensuring that the police service is open and accountable to the people it serves. The scheme works to Home Office guidelines.

Independent Custody Visitors are an important part of holding policing to account locally.  If you are interested in helping your community and want to volunteer, please consider this unique role.

The Commissioner is currently recruiting volunteers for the Scarborough, area.

Find out more about this role and how to apply

For more information or an informal discussion:

On-call (retained) firefighter recruitment

On-call firefighters are trained firefighters who, rather than being based at a fire station, provide on-call cover from home and/or their place of work. They declare the periods in a week when they are available to respond to emergencies if called upon.

They respond to emergencies when their pager alerts them, so must work and/or live within approximately four minutes travel time from the fire station as they travel from that location to the fire station, where they then travel to the emergency in a fire service vehicle.

Find out more about this role and how to apply

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