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Independent Custody Visitors

icv-imageDo you have what it takes to check prisoner welfare, custody conditions and police behaviour?

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police Fire & Crime Commissioner, has responsibility for a team of ‘Independent Custody Visitors,  a team of volunteers who make unannounced visits to police stations in North Yorkshire. They speak with people detained in custody, check their welfare and the conditions in which they are being held and submit reports on their visits.

Independent custody visiting is a vital element of the work of the Office of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner in ensuring that the police service is open and accountable to the people it serves. The scheme works to Home Office guidelines.

Julia Mulligan said, “Independent Custody Visitors are an important part of holding policing to account locally.  If you are interested in helping your community and want to volunteer, please consider this unique role.”

The Commissioner is currently recruiting volunteers for the Scarborough, area.

Read the latest press release: Volunteers needed to check on the welfare of police custody detainees – only the compassionate need apply

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Stop and search lay observer scheme

Monitoring the use of Stop and Search requires the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to provide opportunities for members of the public to accompany police officers on patrol when they might deploy stop and search powers.

‘Lay observation’ allows a process of two-way learning to take place, bringing the police closer to the public. In this way, the Lay Observer Scheme will mean:

  • Members of the public are provided with the opportunity to see stop and search in action;
  • The police have the opportunity to demonstrate their use of stop and search;
  • The public has the opportunity to provide feedback to the police based upon their observations.

Find out more about this role and how to apply

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