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Independent Chair – Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is seeking an Independent Chair for her Out of Court Disposal Scrutiny Panel.

The Chair will be independent of North Yorkshire Police, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and criminal justice agencies such as HM Courts & Tribunals Service and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Julia set up the Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel to independently scrutinise the use of Out of Court Disposals in response to public concerns about their appropriate use.

The role of the Panel is to ensure that the use of Out of Court Disposals are:

  • appropriate and proportionate,
  • consistent with national and local policy, and
  • considers the victims’ wishes where appropriate.

The Panel does not review individual decisions but assess their appropriate use, highlight examples of good practice and make recommendations for improvement. The Panel consider performance information, and changes to legislation, policy and practice to support them in their role.

The overarching aim of the Panel is to bring transparency to the use of Out of Court Disposals in order to increase understanding and confidence in their use.

The independent Chair will lead the Panel, making recommendations to the various organisations with responsibility for Out of Court Disposals, learning from best practice and making sure victims are front and centre of this process.

The post is voluntary but expenses will be reimbursed.

More information about the Panel and the Terms of Engagement are available on our website;

To apply for the role, please email, or call the office on 01423 569562.

Independent Chair – Domestic Abuse and Rape Scrutiny Panel

Closing date: 21 March 2020 

The Commissioner set up this panel to review and improve the police and partnership response to domestic abuse and rape cases, and the support and safeguarding they offer to domestic abuse victims in North Yorkshire.

Ultimately, the Panel’s purpose is to improve public confidence in the response to domestic abuse and rape to encourage more victims to come forward and seek support. By reviewing cases the Panel identifies learning to improve the identification, investigation and prosecution of cases, and to drive better joined up working between partners. In particular, the panel reviews and, where possible, supports improvements in the response to coercive and controlling behaviour offences.

Following a successful first year, we now have a vacancy for an independent Chair for this panel as our current Chair leaves us to pursue other career commitments.

The panel comprises of a number of different individuals and agencies. The role of the Independent Chair is to lead the panel, highlighting good practice and making recommendations to the police and partner agencies.

The post is voluntary but expenses will be reimbursed.

To apply please complete the DAR Scrutiny Panel Application Form  and return no later than the 21 March 2020

For further information

Role Profile

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Police Practice Community Review Group – Stop and Search and Use of Force

If you are interested in local policing and care about the safety and protection of your local community, this could be the volunteering role for you.

In North Yorkshire there are a number of volunteers who help the Commissioner and Chief Constable scrutinise and support local policing, looking into all different elements of policing and this new group requires a cross section of the community to get involved.

The Police Practice Community Review Groups will be focussing on the use of Stop and Search and Use of Force, both issues which have draw local and national attention recently.  As a volunteer you will help review and feedback to the Commissioner and Chief Constable on local policing practices, in turn making sure policing improves in your community and there is greater legitimacy in policing in North Yorkshire.

Volunteers for this group can come from all sections of the community – parents, business people, community representatives, young people and many others too. You should be committed and interested and prepared to attend quarterly meetings, and keen to learn and understand how policing is undertaken, the legislation surrounding policing practice and able to provide clear views and feedback. The review groups will assess and provide feedback on the appropriate use of these powers, identifying good practice and areas for learning, making referrals and recommendations to single county-wide Stop and Search and Use of Force Scrutiny Panel.

The Police Practice Community Review Groups more generally will support the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in building transparency of and public confidence in, how North Yorkshire Police work in local areas, with a specific focus on stop and search and use of force powers.  These are parts of policing which have drawn local and national scrutiny, and the Commissioner is keen to ensure local people have a say in policing practices in their community.

For more information, an informal discussion or to apply:

Independent Custody Visitors

icv-imageDo you have what it takes to check prisoner welfare, custody conditions and police behaviour?

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police Fire & Crime Commissioner, has responsibility for a team of ‘Independent Custody Visitors,  a team of volunteers who make unannounced visits to police stations in North Yorkshire. They speak with people detained in custody, check their welfare and the conditions in which they are being held and submit reports on their visits.

Independent custody visiting is a vital element of the work of the Office of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner in ensuring that the police service is open and accountable to the people it serves. The scheme works to Home Office guidelines.

Julia Mulligan said, “Independent Custody Visitors are an important part of holding policing to account locally.  If you are interested in helping your community and want to volunteer, please consider this unique role.”

The Commissioner is currently recruiting volunteers for the Scarborough, area.

Find out more about this role and how to apply

For more information or an informal discussion:

Campaign to recruit more than 50 Police Community Support Officers

“This is an important day for residents, businesses and visitors in North Yorkshire, as it kick-starts what will be one of the biggest recruitment exercises in North Yorkshire Police history. Having taken the difficult decision to increase the Precept to meet the demands of communities for more visible policing, recruiting extra PCSOs – together with the recruitment of an additional 50 police Officers – is going to provide that tangible change that communities want to see. I will now be closely watching the progress of the PCSO and police officer recruitment plans, to ensure the money raised via the Precept is spent on what the public wanted.”

Read the full story and find out how to apply 

Retained (On Call) firefighter recruitment

Retained (on call) firefighters are trained firefighters who, rather than being based at a fire station, provide on-call cover from home and/or their place of work. They declare the periods in a week when they are available to respond to emergencies if called upon.

They respond to emergencies when their pager alerts them, so must work and/or live within approximately four minutes travel time from the fire station as they travel from that location to the fire station, where they then travel to the emergency in a fire service vehicle.

Find out more about this role and how to apply

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