Fire precept

‘fire precept’ – the amount you pay for the fire and rescue service in your council tax

2019/20 Fire precept

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the local fire ‘precept’ – the amount people pay through their council tax for fire and rescue services.

This year, after hearing the views of 2,741 members of the public, your elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan has decided to increase the amount of precept for the fire and rescue service by an average of £2.07, or about 4 pence a week.

This was the first consultation to be undertaken since the transfer of Governance to the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner which had 2,741 responses, which compares to less than 100 received by the previous Fire Authority.

A large majority, 75% of people who completed the consultation, supported an increase of £2 in the fire and rescue precept. 49% said they were prepared to pay more than £2 with one in five people, 22%, prepared to pay over £5. The Commissioner can only raise the fire precept by 2.99% without holding a referendum.

Your contribution through your council tax 2019/20

Property Band 2018/19 2019/20 Increase per Annum Increase per Week
£ £ £ pence
A 46.13 47.51 1.38 3
B 53.82 55.43 1.61 3
C 61.51 63.35 1.84 4
D 69.20 71.27 2.07 4
E 84.58 87.11 2.53 5
F 99.96 102.95 2.99 6
G 115.33 118.78 3.45 7
H 138.40 142.54 4.14 8

Funding for the fire service

Funding for the Fire 2018/19 2019/20
Funding from Government £9.3m £9.0m
Council tax precept – your contribution £20.7m £21.5m
Specific grants £1.6m £3.1m
Fees, Charges and Partnerships £0.5m £0.5m
Use of Reserves £1.2m £1.1m
Total funding £33.3m £35.2m

Fire budget breakdown

Fire budget breakdown 2018/19 2019/20
Firefighter pay £18.8m £20.6m
Control and support staff £4.3m £4.3m
Supplies and Services £2.9m £3.1m
Premises and equipment £2.1m £2.1m
PFI £1.4m £1.4m
Transport £0.9m £0.7m
Capital financial charges £1.9m £2.1m
Other costs £1.0m £0.9m
Total spending plan £33.3m £35.2m

Correspondence with the Police Fire and Crime Panel

Fire precept consultation results and proposal:

Download the Fire and Police Precept Leaflet 2019/2020

updated 15 March 2019