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Annual police budget

Prudent forward planning is at the heart of our approach

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has responsibility for the police budget, which comprises a combination of central government grants and money from the local police precept. (The police precept is the amount raised from local people via their Council Tax.)

Outside of the policing precept, by far the most significant amount of funding received is from central government, which is in turn determined by a complex funding formula.

In 2024/25 the gross budget requirement is £221m.

Funding for the police

Police – Funding 2023/24 2024/25
Funding from Government £83.8m £88.8m
Council tax precept – your contribution £92.4m £97.4m
Council tax grants £7.9m £7.9m
Specific grants £8.8m £17.7m
Fees, Charges and Partnerships £8.4m £9.2m
Total funding £201.4m £221.0m

Police budget breakdown

Police – Budget 2023/2024 2024/25
Police officers £99.9m £109.3m
Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) £6.9m £6.8m
Police staff £45.0m £47.4m
Buildings and transport £9.1m £8.7m
Supplies and services £23.3m £26.1m
Other spend * £15.8m £21.2m
Office of the PFCC £1.4m £1.5m
Total spending plan £201.4m £221.0m

* This includes Community Safety Funding and Commissioned Services, Police Officer Medical and Injury Pensions, Cost of Capital and Use of Reserves.

How your money will be spent

Your precept will contribute towards:

  • An uplift in specialist safeguarding teams to safeguard the most vulnerable.
  • Investment into Investigation Teams to mitigate risks to vulnerable people.
  • Further investment into the Force Control Room to enhance the service to the
  • Other investments into the Digital Forensics Unit, Professional Standards Unit,
  • Neighbourhoods and Criminal Justice.
  • Investment in and maintenance of police buildings.
  • Replacement of police vehicles.
  • Increasing costs of gas, electricity, fuel, insurance, and other services linked
    to inflation.

Updated – 05 June 2024