Annual police budget

Prudent forward planning is at the heart of our approach

The Police and Crime Commissioner has responsibility for the police budget, which comprises a combination of central government grants and money from the local police precept. (The police precept is the amount raised from local people via their Council Tax.)

Outside of the policing precept, by far the most significant amount of funding received is from central government, which is in turn determined by a complex funding formula.

In 2017/18 the gross budget requirement is £160.189m.

The budget requirement is funded as:

 Gross Expenditure 160,189
 Income -12,991
 Contribution to/(from) Reserves and  Balances -5,509
Total Budget 2017/18 141,689
Funded by:
 Home Office Grant -67,762
 Council Tax Support Grant -5,746
 Council Tax Freeze Grants -2,152
Total Government Funding -75,660
 Estimated Collection Fund Surplus -993 -76,653
Balance required from the Precept 65,036

Updated 20 April 2017