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ICV – Job description, person specification and application form

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Role description

To arrange custody visits with fellow visitors in line with agreed schedules.

  • To keep the ICV Co-ordinator and fellow custody visitors informed of any problems with scheduled custody visits.
  • To carry out custody visits to designated police stations in the area where you live (Harrogate, Scarborough or York) in line with scheme guidelines and training.
  • To check on the conditions in which a detainee is kept, their health and wellbeing and their legal rights and entitlements, with reference to PACE Code C.
  • Where appropriate consult the detainee’s custody record to clarify and check any concerns raised by the detainee.
  • To discuss with the custody officer any concerns and requests arising from the custody visit and bring to the custody officer’s attention any issue that needs to be dealt with.
  • To complete the Independent Custody Visitor Report Form ensuring that all relevant information is recorded correctly, clearly and concisely.
  • To distribute copies of the Independent Custody Visitor Report Form to the appropriate people and leave the station.
  • To complete and submit expense claims in line with the scheme guidelines.
  • To attend enhancement training sessions as appropriate (minimum of one each year).
  • To attend quarterly meetings of Independent Custody Visitors.
  • To carry out the duties of an Independent Custody Visitor with regard to the Health and Safety requirements of the Custody Visiting Scheme.
  • To carry out the duties of an Independent Custody Visitor as set out in the scheme’s guidelines and Memorandum of Understanding.

Person specification

Essential Qualities

  • Effective Communication – communicates ideas and information effectively, both verbally and in writing. Uses language and a style of communication that is appropriate to the situation and people being addressed. Ensures others understand what is going on.
  • Respect for Race and Diversity – considers and shows respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of colleagues and members of the public, no matter what their race, religion, position, background, circumstances, status or appearance.
  • Team Working – develops strong relationships and works effectively as a team member. Actively supports others to achieve team goals.
  • Planning and Organising – plans and carries out activities in a methodical and well-structured way. Prioritises tasks, uses time in the best possible way, and works within appropriate policy and procedures.
  • Resilience – shows resilience, even in difficult circumstances. Acts in a confident way when challenged, controls emotions and does not get emotionally involved in disputes.
  • Personal Responsibility – the appointed person must be able to follow procedures and be adaptable should procedures change. They must also be fully committed and available to complete visits as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.