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18 March 2013: Expense claims submitted by the PCC and staff; office costs; vehicle provision

I write in connection with your request for information which was received by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)) on 26 March 2013 in respect of:

1)  All expense claims from the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) office since she took office including those of her staff (i.e. secretaries, aids, spin doctors, director of communications) and the PCC herself.  This includes travel, subsistence, accommodation etc.).

As the Commissioners expenses are published quarterly on the Commissioners website the expenses of the Commissioner are exempt by virtue of section 22 (information intended for future publication) or section 21 (information already reasonably accessible).  However in the spirit of cooperation the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has decided not to apply this exemption and has provided the information which is currently available up to 31 January 2013 (enclosed).

Clarification is being sought on whether members of staff who are not senior should have their expenses published.

This leaves one senior member of staff whose expenses are provided up to 31 January 2013.  Personal information has been redacted (enclosed).

2)  All office costs from the PCCs office including subsistence, equipment, technology and staff costs.

PCC office costs from November 2012 to up to 28 February 2013 are detailed below:

PCC Department Costs  DEC-12  JAN-13  FEB-13
£ £ £
PCC salary costs     8,607     6,602     6,752
Other Staff Costs   16,751   21,743   21,666
Travel and Subsistence     2,496     2,358     2,404
PCC’s Office costs     2,778   12,486     4,482
Equipment and technology     1,553          –        436
Community Partnership Schemes     7,807     7,807     7,807
Legal costs     1,632          –     2,275
External audit     4,000     4,000     4,000
Internal audit     4,444     4,444     4,444
PCC CFO     5,000     5,000     5,000
Total   55,068   64,440   59,266

3) If the PCC is provided with a car by North Yorkshire Police could we get details of the exact type, model and age of car and how much it costs.  If the number plate is not standard could we get details of this including cost and the number on the plate.

The PCC is not provided with a car.