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20 April 2016 – Freedom of information request – PCC Elections Q6 – Surgeries


Thank you for that, we wanted to understand the commitments for surgeries.
Could you provide the ones for 2016 ?
Thank you


Further to your request for details of the 2016 surgeries, below are details of the surgeries that have either been held or are booked for 2016.

2016 Surgeries that have been held:

  1. Ripon – 11th January
  2. Harrogate – 18th January
  3. York – 25th January
  4. Thirsk – 3rd February
  5. Haxby – 3rd March
  6. Bedale – 14th March
  7. Stokesley – 14th March
  8. Easingwold – 21st March
  9. Harrogate – 6th April
  10. Scarborough 13th April
  11. Colburn – 18th April
  12. Northallerton – 18th April

Surgeries are, as you will appreciate, a key part of the way in which the OPCC arranges for the Commissioner to discharge the statutory public engagement duty; surgeries also position the Commissioner to gather public concerns and issues with a view to fulfilling the responsibility upon a PCC to hold the Force to account.

In view of the need to ensure that the OPCC plans ahead for suitable arrangements across an area as large as North Yorkshire, and in order that the public have the opportunity to similarly plan ahead, a number of provisional diary arrangements have been made for the new PCC term. These are, of course, subject to the approval and convenience of the incoming PCC. These are as follows:

  1. Harrogate – 6th June
  2. Scarborough – 7th June
  3. Northallerton – 21st June
  4. Haxby – 6th July
  5. Malton – 6th July
  6. Eastfield (Scarborough) – 6th July
  7. Barrowcliffe (Scarborough) – 6th July
  8. Central Scarborough – 6th July
  9. Whitby – 7th July
  10. Pickering – 7th July
  11. Tadcaster – 3rd August
  12. Selby – 3rd August
  13. Northallerton – 16th August
  14. Stokesley – 16th August

Kind Regards