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24 March 2016 – 1249.2015-16 – Freedom of information request– Number of Advice Surgeries 2012 – 2015


Please can you provide me with the number of Advice Surgery there were in years, 2012,2013,2014,2015, and this year including intended events.

Could you also provide the number of meetings with parish councils and which parishes they were.


Extent and Result of Searches to Locate Information

To locate the information relevant to your request searches were carried out within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

I can confirm that the information you have requested is held by the OPCC.


I have today decided to disclose the located information to you.

Meeting 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 (up to 23 March 2016)
Surgeries 2 36 36 34 7
Parish Council 0 9 3 1 1
Appointments 11 122 127 117 15
Public Engagement Events 0 72 67 60 0

The Parish Council Meetings included in the table above took place at Sutton Under Whitestonecliff; Pannal; Burn; Beamsley and Nesfield (included 6 Parish Councils); Sherburn in Elmet; Ryedale; Stokesely; Craven; Hambleton (x2); York Local Councils Association; Eskdale cum Ugglebarnby; Joint meeting with Clapham, Austwick, Bentham and Ingleton; and Selby.

When a Parish Council contacts the OPCC, they are encouraged to work with neighbouring parishes to organise a joint meeting, which allows a greater number of constituents to be contacted. That means where there is a record of one Parish Council meeting, this may have involved a number of Parish Councils.

Although I have outlined the number of Parish Council meetings the PCC has attended, I have also provided information about the number of public engagement events for each year. These events include; CAP groups, WI, Rotary clubs and Neighbourhood Watch meetings. Further to this, general town and community meetings, pop-up street surgeries and other community events are also included.

All upcoming events, including planned surgeries, are advertised on the PCC website under the following link: