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28 July 2017 – 340.2017-18 – Chief Executive


Questions are:

  1. Has CX Joanna Carter left?
  2. How much did it cost to sever employment?
  3. If so is there a website Decision Notice?
  4. In last financial year how much have we paid out in total for all CX interims, temporary, acting? Salaries? Pensions extras, travel etc 


Extent and Result of Searches to Locate Information

To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted and I  can confirm that the information you have requested is held by the OPCC.


I have today decided to disclose the located information to you.

  1. Joanna Carter is still employed by North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.
  1. N/A
  1. N/A (See response to Q1) however the following Decisions Notices in relation to the appointment of Acting Chief Executive Officers (ACEO) may be of assistance to you.

  1. Please see the following links that detail the financial information requested. The Decision Notices above also provide information regarding financial arrangements. The expenses for ACEO S. Dennis are attached as it also includes July 2017.

See page 57 of the following document

As the information to question 3 and 4 is ‘Reasonably Accessible by Other Means’ it is exempt under Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act).

Section 21 – Information Reasonably Accessible by Other Means

Section 21 is an absolute class based exemption and I am not required to consider the harm or public interest when applying this exemption.

Pursuant to Section 17(1) of the Act this letter acts as a Refusal Notice in response to your request.

Please note that systems used for recording information are not generic, nor are the procedures used locally in capturing the data.  It should be noted therefore that this force’s response to your questions should not be used for comparison purposes with any other responses you may receive.

Complaint Rights

Your attention is drawn to the attached sheet which details your right of complaint.

If you have any queries concerning this request, please contact me quoting the reference number above.