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Employment tribunal outcome

Information not disclosed

Our Ref: Our Ref: NY8833 Date: 06/11/2023

Our Ref: NY8833
Date: 06/11/2023


I write in connection with your request for information which was received by Office of the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC) on 17 October 2023.

I note you seek access to the following information:  

During 2022/2023 the North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioners had a member of staff that had raised a complaint to an Employment Tribunal.

Please could you confirm the following:

1. How much was the claimant paid to withdraw the Employment Tribunal case as a final settlement?


Your request for information has now been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information requested.

The OPFCC are not obliged to provide a response to your request pursuant to section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

Section 17 of the Act requires the OPFCC, when refusing to provide such information (because the information is exempt) to provide you the applicant with a notice which: (a) states that fact, (b) specifies the exemption in question and (c) states (if that would not otherwise be apparent) why the exemption applies. 

Section 40 – Personal Information

The type of information you have requested is personal information which can only be disclosed to the individuals concerned.  Releasing personal details to a person other than the data subject would breach the data subject’s Data Protection rights and breach the obligations placed on an authority under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Section 40(2) – Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) is to the world and the type of information you have requested is exempt from disclosure under the Act pursuant to the provisions of Sections 40(2).  Section 40(2) is an absolute class based exemptions.

Complaint Rights

Your attention is drawn to the attached sheet which details your right of complaint.

If you have any queries concerning this request, please contact me quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely

Becky Cannon

Office of the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner