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1 May, 2020

Coronavirus fines set to top 500 as police thank the majority and urge the minority to stop and think about the 26,000 people who have died

Police are asking people to remember the 26,000 people who have died and the reasons why we have to stay at home as the latest number of fines for flouting the regulations are published.

The figures, published up to Monday 27 April, show the force had issued 495 fines at 275 separate incidents, but since Monday this number is on track to pass the 500 mark.

Of those 495 who were fined, more than half (269) were visitors from outside the county including 149 from West Yorkshire, 30 from Cleveland, 10 from London and the rest from South Yorkshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire and Durham.

The Craven area and home of the Yorkshire Dales remains the hardest hit by visitors flouting the rules with 121 out of 122 fines issued to visitors.  While York and Scarborough have seen more fines issued to local people.

Of all the people fined, 41 percent are known to the police already.

Police have once again thanked the vast majority of people who are staying at home, but ahead of the weekend, officers are asking people not be complacent because we are starting to see a reduction in the death rate, but to remember those 26,000 who have died and ensure we continue to stick to the Government guidelines and stay at home.

Julia Mulligan, Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire said:

“As we saw last weekend, there are still far too many who don’t think the rules apply to them and don’t think they’ll spread the virus. My messages to these people is that the rules do apply, they can spread the virus and North Yorkshire Police will enforce the law to keep people across the county safe.

“I fully back the way our frontline police officers and staff are dealing with those who are flouting the rules, and pay tribute to them for their selfless work doing so. Let’s support them, stay home and save lives.”

Assistant Chief Constable Mike Walker said:

“Once again we have seen the vast majority of people keeping to the guidelines and only going out for essential journeys, but as our fines show, there is still a small minority who are flouting the rules. As we’ve said before, please remember why we have to do this, it’s not about finding loopholes to excuse non-essential travel, or meet up with friends, it’s literally the difference between life and death.

“We know North Yorkshire is a nice place and we understand why you want to visit. We will welcome you back with open arms when this is all over, but for now, please ignore the temptation, continue the good work that has already been done, we know it’s hard for many people, but please, for now, continue to stay at home and help save lives.”

Breakdown of figures as at 27 April 2020

Local Authority Area where Notice Issued Notices Issued Visitors
Craven 122 121
Hambleton 52 35
Harrogate 42 26
Richmond 20 12
Ryedale 5 4
Scarborough 104 30
Selby 42 22
York 108 19

Age groups

18 – 25 203
26 – 35 154
36 – 45 81
46 – 55 35
56 – 65 14
66 and over 8


Male 399
Female 96