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4 May, 2020

Emergency funding to support the most vulnerable victims during Covid_19 crisis

In response to the Government announcement today of £76m of extra funding for support services for vulnerable victims (including victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and modern slavery), APCC Victims Leads Deputy Mayor of London, Sophie Linden, and Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner of North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, said:

“We welcome this much needed additional funding announced today by the Government for victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and modern slavery, and for their children. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, PCCs have been speaking out on behalf of victims and making the case for further funding and we are pleased that our views, and those of wider victims’ charities, have been heard. The new funding will help to ensure that vital help and support is available for the most vulnerable in our communities during this time of national crisis, particularly those living in fear of violence in their own homes – the very place where they should feel safe.

“Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales are responsible for commissioning local support services for victims of crime, including victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. We will play a full and active part in ensuring that this new funding goes swiftly to local services and charities to support them in the incredible work they do in supporting victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence, building on the outstanding work already underway in our communities.

“PCCs have responded quickly to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, recognising that it has a significant impact on victims who may be locked indoors with perpetrators and ensuring that funding is made available to the most vulnerable across our communities. This new funding means that, working with local partners, we can do even to ensure that all victims – wherever they are – can access the help and support they need and that no-one needs to feel alone or suffer in silence during this difficult time.”