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1 June, 2022

Commissioner’s response to Taxpayers’ Alliance Report

The Taxpayers' Alliance has published a report on funding for Police and Crime Commissioners.

In response to the research, a spokesperson for the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire said: 

“The police precept increase proposed earlier this year by Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe and approved by the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Panel is being invested in policing across North Yorkshire & York. This is what residents and businesses asked for in the Commissioner’s consultation about how much they were willing to pay.

“The Commissioner is proud of the work done by her Office and the key role that they play in keeping North Yorkshire safe and feeling safe. The Office both provides and commissions ‘best in class’ services for victims and the vulnerable, including one of the few ‘in-house’ victim support teams in the country Supporting Victims in North Yorkshire.

“The Commissioner and her Office are delivering ambitious strategic plans, launched this month, to ensure that both policing and fire services in North Yorkshire and York are the very best that they can be – caring for the vulnerable, collaborating with ambition, realising their potential and enhancing public service. We intend to focus particularly on enhancing public trust and confidence in both services – and supporting their drive to get ahead of the root causes of community safety issues.

“At this time there are no plans to appoint a Deputy Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and York.”

The Taxpayers’ Alliance document can be seen here >>