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25 June, 2020

Don’t forget to lock up your home as lockdown eases

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is encouraging homeowners across North Yorkshire to check their property is secure as lockdown eases and we begin to spend more time out of the house.

Download How to protect your propertyJulia Mulligan is asking everyone to make sure they are carrying out simple actions, like closing and locking windows, which are easy to forget after being at home for so long.

The charity Victim Support has been commissioned to deliver a service to support those who are victims of burglaries and other crimes in the county.

They are also aiming to stop residents become victims in the first place and have produced a booklet which aims to pass on the tips you need to keep your home safe, including advice from convicted burglars.

If a break-in does happen, the North Yorkshire Supporting Victims team can provide support over the phone and links to more sources of specific help for you and your family.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan said:

“It’s been a frustrating time for burglars over the past few months with so many of us at home meaning less opportunity for them to target our properties. Let’s keep it that way. By taking simple measures to protect ourselves, we can make sure they continue to be frustrated as the lockdown eases.

“While we do everything we can to prevent crime, we know some people will fall victim and when they do it’s important they get the support they need. Our Supporting Victims team with Victim Support ensures there is help available both emotionally and practically to make them be safer and feel safer in the future.”

Supporting Victims can be contacted if you have been a victim of crime on 01609 643 100 or visit

Olwen Edwards, Area Manager for Victim Support said:

“Local people have continued to be victims of a range of crimes throughout this period but we know with lockdown easing there will be more opportunities for burglars. Victim Support is open 24 hours and want to do all they can to prevent local people suffering further distress and loss at this unique time.”

Advice on keeping your home secure