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31 March, 2016

Information about news items before the PCC election on 5 May 2016

This is the website of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for North Yorkshire. The office provides advisory and executive support to the elected PCC in carrying out his or her duties.

At election time, to ensure fairness among candidates, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire is restricted in making public announcements in the run up to the vote which takes place on 5 May.

Any news items or photographs published on this website (and our social media channels) before 24 March 2016 relate to the serving PCC Julia Mulligan.

References to the serving PCC have been retained on the OPCC website where they are valid and current. This does not imply that the office supports any particular candidate in the election on 5 May.

The OPCC does not support any political party and cannot endorse any of the candidates in the election.

In every police area in which an election is being held, incumbent PCCs will remain in post for seven days after the election, with the new term of office starting on 12 May 2016.

We will treat all PCC candidates objectively and equally and will make due preparations to ensure that the OPCC is able to provide support to the elected candidate in time for the term of office which commences on 12 May 2016.