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26 April, 2023

New home for North Yorkshire Police, Fire, and Crime Commissioner’s Office

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The Commissioner's Office will be relocating to Harrogate Police Station at Beckwith Head Road in June 2023 

In line with the Commissioner Zoë’s strategy to optimise the use of buildings and co-locate to improve partnership working and communications, in June 2023 the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and York is relocating to Harrogate Police Station at Beckwith Head Road.

The Commissioner’s office will continue to review the use of Police and Fire estates as they plan for the future devolved mayoralty.

Simon Dennis, Chief Executive and monitoring Officer said:

“We expect to save approximately £80,000 per year by changing our office arrangements. Like many progressive organisations, the Commissioner’s team has a strong commitment to flexible, agile working and our office accommodation needs have changed in recent years.

“We have been working closely with the Estates Team, Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer to ensure we are all making the most efficient and effective use of the police and fire station buildings.

“In addition to our office re-location the team will also work more flexibly from home and other police and fire buildings.

“The team are really excited and are looking forward to the move which will not only save money but improve our working relationships with the police and fire service.”

Commissioner Zoë said:

“The public expect police and fire buildings to be used efficiently, especially at this time of strain on our finances, so I am pleased that we can make a contribution towards savings by vacating our office at Granby Road.”