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25 October, 2017

Northallerton Police Station to be sold and services moved to Alverton Court and Harrogate

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, has today confirmed Northallerton Police Station will be sold, with services relocating to a new local police station based at North Yorkshire Police’s HQ at Alverton Court, and custody services moving principally to Harrogate Police Station. 

Following the year-long trial closure of Northallerton custody, the Chief Constable has recommended a permanent closure of the custody facility, with those services to be provided at Harrogate. However, in certain circumstances, local officers will be able to make use of neighbouring facilities in Darlington and Middlesbrough.

Given the Chief Constable’s recommendation, the opening of a new local police station at Alverton Court and savings of £2.5 million over five years, Julia Mulligan has decided to sell Northallerton Police Station.

North Yorkshire’s Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, said: “Based on the operational recommendation of the Chief Constable and significant savings we have identified, it is the right time to sell Northallerton Police Station. 

“The custody suite itself has been closed for a year now and although there were some initial problems, these have been overcome. 

“£2.5 million is a very significant sum to be saved, and my decision to sell Northallerton police station will allow the Chief Constable and I to ensure other areas of policing can see the investment they need.”

The front counter service in Northallerton will close on 31 October. People can still make enquiries or report crime face-to-face, 8am to 8pm seven days a week in the town centre, via Alverton Court, North Yorkshire Police’s HQ and police station.

Although Northallerton Police Station will not be accessible to the public from 31 October, it is still an active part of the police estate and for the meantime will continue to have teams working in the building until it has been sold.

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DN 10/2017: Northallerton Police Station to be sold and services moved to Alverton Court and Harrogate