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5 December, 2017

October update from the Youth Commission

This month we have been busy! So busy that we have decided to start updating you guys through blogs to tell you what we have been doing!

We’ve been to Askham Byran College three times, giving workshops on Drugs and Alcohol abuse, Hate Crime and Mental Health.

We’ve visited York St John University and delivered a stand on Hate Crime during Hate Crime Week.

We’ve been to Scarborough and Skipton delivering workshops on Mental Health and Drugs and Alcohol misuse.

We have amazingly stepped a little closer to our aim of getting 2,000 young people’s responses.

To top it off, the Youth Commission has been to two neighborhood policing conferences which address the importance of our 6 priorities and how the police and other relevant agents can bring to light the cases that don’t get reported to the police.

The group recommend changes and help to implement them in the future, it was an excellent experience for our Youth Commission members and gave us an insight into how the ‘Big Conversation’ will run, and be used by the professionals.

Beyond that, we have had a sub-group meeting where Jade teaches us to how to develop our skills during workshops, and we come up with more plans to advertise the importance of recognising the six priorities.

We have been working on writing out the short film scripts for our 90 seconds of fame and aim to begin becoming the stars of the show week commencing 5 December. We can’t wait to show how we portray the six priorities in light of all your great responses on the postcards.

Until then, see you soon!

North Yorkshire Youth Commission Group.

by Charlotte Frost