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5 June, 2017

YOUR rights to inspect OUR accounts

Notice of the electors’ rights in relation to the statement of accounts of the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire for the Financial Year ended 31 March 2017

Local government electors have a right to inspect the accounts of their Police and Crime Commissioner. This right can be found in the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (‘the Act’).

The Act provides local government electors with the right to inspect and make copies of the statement of accounts for the financial year ended 31 March 2017.

The Act also provides any persons interested, or any journalist, with the right to inspect the accounting records and all related documents for that financial year.

These rights may be exercised from 1st July 2017 to 11th August 2017 between 9.30am and 4.30pm at Police Headquarters, Alverton Court, Crosby Road, Northallerton DL6 1AA.

If you wish to inspect the accounts, please inform Jane Palmer, Chief Constable’s Chief Finance Officer (collar number 4364), of your intention to exercise your rights.

Jane Palmer can be contacted or by email to jane.palmer@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or via 101 (dial 101, press option 2 and use the full name or collar number. If using the collar number, please state each digit individually).

Under the Act, a local government elector may also question the auditor about the accounting records for the same financial year and, may make an objection to the auditor if it concerns:

  • a matter in respect of which the auditor could make a public interest report (under section 24 of the Act); or
  • an item of account in respect of which the auditor could apply for a declaration that the item is unlawful under section 28 of the Act.

 These rights may be also be exercised from 1st July 2017 to 11th August 2017.

Any requests to question the auditor and any objections must be made in writing to the auditor to the following address:

Mazars LLP
Salvus House
Aykley Heads
Durham DH1 5TS

A copy of any objection must also be sent to the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and York, Harrogate Police Station, Beckwith Head Rd, Harrogate, HG3 1FR.

Draft statement of accounts for 2016/2017 are available on the Statement of Accounts page