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9 December, 2022

Commissioner Zoë welcomes the new North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Risk and Resource Model 

NYFRS RRM 2022-2025 front cover
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has published its new three-year Risk and Resource Model (RRM) 2022-2025.

The Risk and Resource Model provides an assessment of risk across North Yorkshire and York and informs where the Service needs its staff and resources to ensure it can effectively prevent and respond to emergencies, to keep communities safe and feeling safe. 

Earlier this year Commissioner Zoë ran an extensive 12-week public consultation which gathered opinion on a number of proposed changes to how the fire service currently delivers its services. All views were taken into consideration before the Risk and Resource Model was finalised, and public feedback has shaped how and when some of the changes will be implemented.

Zoë Metcalfe, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire said:

“I welcome and support this new Risk and Resource Model. Reducing risks by preventing harm before it has happened, assisting those who are most vulnerable and ensuring we have the right people and the right support reflect my Fire and Rescue Plan priorities to keep our communities safe.”

Chief Fire Officer, Jonathan Dyson said:

“In this document we set out how we will deploy our resources, including investing in our prevention and protection work with communities and businesses to reduce the likelihood and impact of fire, road and water emergencies in our area. The Risk and Resource Model will also continue to ensure our emergency response arrangements remain both effective and resilient.” 

Further details can be found in the new Risk and Resource Model 2022-2025 which is now available on North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s website at:

NYFRS RRM front cover

Download the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Risk and Resource Model 2022-2025