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20 February, 2023

Commissioner Zoë fully supportive as Government highlights violence against women and girls as a national priority

Commissioner Zoe smiling and looking towards the camera
A new national Strategic Policing Requirement has been published today announcing that police forces and Commissioners across the country are required to treat violence against women and girls as a national priority – meaning tackling these crimes will be considered just as important as addressing threats like terrorism, serious and organised crime and child sexual abuse.   

The framework (which police forces are required to follow) goes further than ever before in addressing crime that particularly affects women and girls, as well as protecting women and girls from harassment, aggression and violence, and focusses on stopping domestic abuse before it takes place. 

This announcement is hugely welcomed and supported by Commissioner Zoë, who in June 2022 launched her own partnership strategy to address violence against women and girls in York and North Yorkshire. 

Commissioner Zoë said: 

“This is a significant moment for women and girls across the country who feel unsafe in their homes and in their communities as it becomes recognised that violence against women and girls is a national priority.

“I’m optimistic that the new framework will further encourage police forces to tackle the acts of violence many women and girls are facing every day; from misogyny and street harassment to domestic violence, rape, sexual offences, stalking, and exploitation.

“I’ve always said there is no tolerance for these crimes in North Yorkshire. As a collaborative partnership with North Yorkshire Police and across the partnership spectrum, we continue to deliver on our own VAWG objectives:  

  • to listen to women and girls,  
  • tackle root causes of violence,  
  • increase public confidence and trust in police services,  
  • strengthen partnerships,  
  • enhance support for victims and survivors; and  
  • invest in perpetrator intervention, focussing on enforcement, preventing re-offending and diversion from the criminal justice process 

“As well as ensuring North Yorkshire Police are following the expectations set out in the new Strategic Policing requirement, I will continue to hold the force to account for their response to tackling violent crimes against women and girls, whilst funding services to support victims and survivors as they learn to cope and recover and interventions to change perpetrator behaviour.” 

You can find out more about Commissioner Zoë’s work to address violence against women and girls on her website: www.northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk/womenandgirls and the services Commissioner Zoë arranges for victims at support for victims: www.northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk/how-can-we-help/supporting-victims/  

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