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16 February, 2017

Youth Commission start planning for the Big Conversation

On Saturday 4 February members of the Youth Commission came together in York to start planning for the Big Conversation

Update by Kieran Gentry, North Yorkshire Youth Commission Coordinator

It was a very informative, fun, activity packed well attended meeting, with 26 NYYC members attending, myself and Kaytea Budd-Brophy from Leaders Unlocked, Nicole Hutchinson from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Neil Northend, Martin Metcalfe, Paul Stephenson, Sarah-Jane Elliott, Sara Widdrington, Ed Rogerson and Mo Mohammed from North Yorkshire Police.

After introductions we had an ‘ice-breaker’ involving peacock feathers.

I provided an update of recent activity such as the NYCC attendance at the recent Community Safety Partnership Meeting in Northallerton and a refresher on Ethical Issues that may arise during peer-to-peer research and presented them with a ‘user friendly’ guide relating to this subject. I also presented the printed final version of our NYYC postcard.

We had a session on Stop and Search with Neil Northend and Martin Metcalfe, following members’ involvement in the Stop and Search ‘sub-group’. Martin gave an overview of recent changes to the Stop and Search form. These changes have been made as a direct result of the Youth Commission’s involvement in the Stop and Search sub-group.  Their views were fed in to the police, discussed, reviewed and changes subsequently made.  One of the most significant is the space on the form where the officer records the reason for the stop taking place.  This ensures an accurate explanation can be provided and the person stopped be fully informed.

Martin also provided an insight into the rights of someone being stopped and searched, and gave examples of what constitutes a properly conducted search.

We also carried out sessions on public speaking, in preparation for the ‘Big Conversation’, and had some fantastic ideas presented by NYYC members following sessions on branding and a promotional film for the NYCC, which outlines aims, purpose and vision, as well as acting as a ‘calling card’ for organisations to get involved with us.


Kieran Gentry
North Yorkshire Youth Commission Coordinator
Leaders Unlocked

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