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005/2013 – Decision making process – 16 January 2013

Executive Summary and recommendation:

At the start of her term of office, the Police and Crime Commissioner approved suggestions made to her by her Chief Executive for a process through which decisions are made by the Commissioner to secure probity and public transparency. That process is described in Decision Notice 01/2012.

After seeing that process in operation, the Commissioner has now decided that some minor amendments need to be made to secure greater public involvement in decision making, as detailed below.

Police and Crime Commissioner decision:

That the process for PCC decision making approved through my Decision Notice 01/2012 be amended as follows

  • the requirement that decisions will be made at a meeting at which the public will have the right of attendance is withdrawn.
  • Instead, draft reports requiring a decision of the Commissioner will be published on the Commissioner’s web site 2 weeks before that decision is to be made. Members of the public are invited to submit observations to the Commissioner on those proposals, which will be taken into account by the Commissioner when making the decision.
  • Significant matters of public interest, such as approval of the budget, policing and crime plan and any such other matter will, at the Commissioner’s discretion, be subject to a further comprehensive public consultation exercise before the decision is made.

Signature Date 16 January 2013
Title Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

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