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008/2014: Safety Camera Van Operations / Criminal Justice Traffic Processing – 29 July 2014

Executive summary and recommendation:

This paper proposes a number of recommendations to improve road safety in North Yorkshire.  This has been an issue raised consistently by members of the public as an area of concern, and has been further demonstrated by the recent Road Safety Survey.

The survey (carried out in May 2014) indicated that just below 80% of those who replied were concerned or very concerned about road safety in North Yorkshire and 72% of respondents  agreed ‘more needs to be done to improve road safety through education and enforcement’.

A number of initiatives are therefore recommended in this paper which will be implemented over time, and will together ensure North Yorkshire Police are adequately responding to the needs of communities and visitors across the county.  The Decision Notice should

  • Enhance public safety
  • Support a reduction in road casualties
  • Reduce the number of victims
  • Minimise the distress caused by anti-social activity and criminal behaviour on North Yorkshires road network.

This will be achieved by expanding enforcement operations, as well as by centralising traffic offence management and processing functions to deliver a better service for the communities we serve.

Public confidence will be increased as communities feel safer and re-assured as a result of a more proactive approach and a responsive model.

A comparison of safety camera enforcement in similar rural forces across England and Wales has also been completed, this shows that North Yorkshire Police have less enforcement capability than those other forces.

This service will be enhanced through the implementation of additional enforcement capacity, a computerised document management system, digital file processing, the standardisation of road traffic offence reporting , the development of skilled staff and a streamlined process that will:

  1. Enhance the current and future safety camera deployment and operational delivery.
  2. Improve the efficiency of processes to drive down costs.
  3. Demonstrate transparency to the communities of North Yorkshire through direct access to data upon how the resource is being deployed to benefit the community 

Recommendations / decisions required:

The recommendations contained within this paper fully support the Police and Crime Plan and the National Criminal Justice Efficiency Programme End to End Traffic Process work stream. It is requested that the Executive Board consider and provide direction on each of the following :

  • Community engagement
    Opportunity to involve local residents and volunteers in community speed   watch      
  • Creation of a Central Traffic Bureau
    Centralised information unit improving customer service
    Increased efficiencies with skilled staff
    Resource resilience in all aspects of traffic processing
  • Procure supporting Document Management System
    Saving time and money allowing greater support of enforcement
    Increased deployment of mobile safety cameras
    Will become self funding 
  • Develop Enhanced Speed Management Protocol
    Centralised management improving customer service
    Co-ordinated police response covering all aspects of enforcement
    Improving feedback and response to community concerns
  • Increase Educational Opportunities
    Mobile phone, driver distraction offences and seatbelts
    Motorcycle safety e.g. RIDE
  • Safety Camera Expansion to 6 vans
    More visibility – increased casualty reductions
    Reducing motorcycle collisions
    Time for policing – dealing with more community concerns
  • National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)
    Agree Course Cost for Speed Awareness Course in North Yorkshire
  • Introduce Road Traffic Offence Reports (RTORs)
    Phase out Fixed Penalty Notice procedure
    Provides consistent approach across force to road traffic offences
    Officers discretion still applicable via submission of RTOR
    Reduction in printing costs
    Reduced bureaucracy
  • Produce Annual Report relating to safety camera operations
    To review and monitor operational effectiveness
    Open and transparent financial information

Police and Crime Commissioner decision:  Approved

Signature:  signature

Date:  29 July 2014

Title:  Police and Crime Commissioner


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