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010/2013 – Change of use of funds for IT Capital Rolling Programme to implement Wi-Fi in Silver Command locations – 24 January 2013

Executive Summary and recommendation:

The Force has an operational requirement to have a Wi-Fi solution in their Silver Command facilities in order for us to allow Partner Agencies to access their own systems when working in NYP accommodation when Silver Commands are operating.

It is recommended that:

  • the force uses underspend from the IT Capital Rolling Programme to fund the £55,691.65 capital expenditure required to implement Wi-Fi in the 4 Silver Command facilities located in the ‘operational diamond’
  • funds the £2,021.59 additional revenue costs for provision of this Wi-Fi provision

Police and Crime Commissioner decision:


Signature Date 24 January 2013
Title Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

Part 1 – Unrestricted facts and advice to the PCC

Introduction and background

The IT Department is in the process of submitting a Strategy for approval, which will be supported by a costed business case.

The Business Case will be providing costings for the implementation of more modern technological solutions to support organisational operation and sustainability. It will include the provision of Wi-Fi within the Technical Estate.

During any Major Incident North Yorkshire Police has responsibility for activating and co-ordinating the multi-agency response to the event. This includes putting the appropriate command structures in place, which includes the setting up of a Tactical Co-ordination Group ( Multi Agency Silver). This group is normally located within the agreed Police Command Room and the Police Silver Commander chairs the Group. In the recent past this structure has been put in place in response to a variety of events including severe weather, major transport accidents ( Great Heck Rail Crash), Industrial disputes, Unexploded WW2 Bombs, Gas leaks, high profile VIP events including Royal Visits, Animal Disease ( Foot and Mouth).
The recent adverse weather that has been more frequent and severe than we’ve seen in many years has resulted in a number of Silver Commands being operated to deal with flooding issues across the County and City of York.

In these circumstances Partner agencies need to access their own organisational systems and technology and this would most effectively be achieved by the provision of Wi-Fi services within the Silver Command facilities.

Matters for consideration

As we are experiencing adverse and ‘freak’ weather conditions on a more regular basis, it is recognised that there is a high probability that the requirement to run a Silver Command will be more regular. It is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that partner agencies can access their host systems when participating in Silver Commands running in NYP premises. There is a Silver Command facility located at the four ‘diamond’ locations. The costs of providing Wi-Fi in these four locations would mean a capital outlay of £55,691.65 and an ongoing revenue cost of £2,021,59 per annum.

Other options considered, if any

Interim solutions have been considered, and these include the provision of dongles to support Wi-Fi access and also the provision of a dedicated line such as you would have at home. There are issues with both of these as temporary solutions, which include:

  • We could implement the permanent solution as quickly as we could implement a ‘temporary broadband’ line solution.
  • The use of dongles to secure Wi-Fi connectively is ‘hit and miss’ due to the construction of some of our premises (particularly in the Fulford Road Force Control Room). They also rely on partner agencies staff having administration right for their own technology, and this hasn’t been the case (with partner organisations wishing to ensure security to their host systems in the same way NYP wish to secure systems).

Contribution to Police and Crime Plan outcomes

This will support the Police and Crime Commissioners plan outcomes by ensuring that partner organisations can effectively participate in Silver Commands as and when they are required and access their host systems.

Consultations carried out

Operational officers have indicated that provision of Wi-Fi is an operational imperative to support the successful running of Silver Commands, when required.

Financial Implications/Value for money

The current Information Technology (IT) capital rolling programme and associated revenue running costs are forecast to underspend for 2012/13 financial year. Following review of these budgets as part of the 2013/14 budget setting process the capital and revenue costs associated with this decision making notice can be accommodated. These budget headings are subject to review alongside the refresh of the IT strategy and the associated Estate strategy implications. The rationale for approval of the Wi-Fi elements of any future IT strategy are articulated within this decision making notice.

Tick to confirm statement √
Director/Chief Officer COR Carter has reviewed the request and is satisfied that it is correct and consistent with the NYPCC’s plans and priorities.
Legal Advice Legal advice has been sought on this proposal and is considered not to expose the PCC to risk of legal challenge.
Financial Advice The CC CFO has both been consulted on this proposal, for which budgetary provision already exists or is to be made in accordance with Part 1 or Part 2 of this Notice
Equalities Advice An assessment has been made of the equality impact of this proposal. Either there is considered to be minimal impact or the impact is outlined in Part1 or Part2 of this Notice.
I confirm that all the above advice has been sought and received and I am satisfied that this is an appropriate request to be submitted for a decision
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