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074/2013 – Home Office Grant – Radio frequency propagation survey capability for NYP – 10 October 2013

Executive Summary and recommendation:

The Home Office Communications Capability Directorate (CCD) are providing for a ‘buy and claim back’ funding arrangement for all Police Forces in England and Wales to obtain full RFPS capability. The RFPS is sensitive technical equipment used in telephony investigation work and requires specialist training to operate it.

This funding arrangement covers both the initial purchases of the equipment and training required to operate it. It does not cover officer time needed to operate it, maintenance of equipment beyond year 1 warranty or subsequent equipment replacement beyond its 5 year life expectancy.

Currently NYP do not have independent RFPS capability and purchase such services from the commercial sector on a needs basis.

This decision notice seeks approval to enter the scheme, purchase the equipment via a single tender action from the home office designated supplier, and thereafter review the use and cost benefit over the proceeding five year period. This will inform (subject to further decision notice) whether capital replacement at that time proves more cost effective than ad hoc commercial contract.

This purchase is recommended as representing best value for money.

Finance summary

A financial summary is included in Part 2 (Protected Commercial). Approval will require a nominal increase in the annual revenue budget.

Police and Crime Commissioner decision:


Signature Date 10 October 2013
Title Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

Part 1 – Unrestricted facts and advice to the PCC

  1. Introduction and background
  2. The Introduction and background is all included in Part II due to the restricted nature of the purchase decision.

  3. Matters for consideration
  4. It is requested that consideration be given to purchasing these items, and supporting any future maintenance / repair costs.

  5. Other options considered, if any
  6. Continue outsourcing all requests to private companies, or paying neighbouring police forces to conduct on our behalf.

  7. Contribution to Police and Crime Plan outcomes
  8. More with less – Achieving Value for Money
    Reducing Harm – effective tackling of Serious and Organised Crime, tackling rural crime.

  9. Consultations carried out
  10. Consultation has taken place with colleagues from Finance and Legal Services (a copy of this DMN sent to them prior to discussion meeting).

  11. Financial Implications/Value for money
  12. This proposal demonstrates value for money, making best use of public money in times of austerity.
    No specific provision has been made for these items in the MTFP, and the funding for the purchase will be from the agreed grant. Future replacement of the equipment (if needed) would be from the Plant and Equipment Rolling Programme.

  13. Legal Implications
  14. Having read this report and having considered such information as has been provided at the time of being asked to express this view, the Force Solicitor is satisfied that this report does not ask the Commissioner to make a decision which would (or would be likely to) give rise to a contravention of the law.

  15. Equality Implications
  16. No equalities implications are perceived.

Public Access to Information

The Police and Crime Commissioner wishes to be as open and transparent as possible about the decisions he/she takes or are taken in his/her name. All decisions taken by the Commissioner will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

As a general principle, the Commissioner expects to be able to publish all decisions taken and all matters taken into account and all advice received when reaching the decision. Part 1 of this Notice will detail all information which the Commissioner will disclose into the public domain. The decision and information in Part 1 will be made available on the NYPCC web site within 2 working days of approval.

Only where material is properly classified as restricted under the GPMS or if that material falls within the description at 2(2) of The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 will the Commissioner not disclose decisions and/or information provided to enable that decision to be made. In these instances, Part 2 of the Form will be used to detail those matters considered to be restricted. Information in Part 2 will not be published.

Is there a Part 2 to this Notice – YES

If Yes, what is the reason for restriction – this notice is in respect of purchasing sensitive equipment used to provide enhanced analysis of Communications Data. The reports generated are not sensitive, however the means of producing such reports is sensitive.

Tick to confirm statement √
Director/Chief Officer has reviewed the request and is satisfied that it is correct and consistent with the NYPCC’s plans and priorities. Simon Mason 26.09.2013
Legal Advice Legal advice has been sought on this proposal and is considered not to expose the PCC to risk of legal challenge. Simon Dennis 07.10.2013
Financial Advice The CC CFO has both been consulted on this proposal, for which budgetary provision already exists or is to be made in accordance with Part 1 or Part 2 of this Notice Jane Palmer 004364 3 October 13
Equalities Advice An assessment has been made of the equality impact of this proposal. Either there is considered to be minimal impact or the impact is outlined in Part1 or Part2 of this Notice. DI Matt Walker 19.09.2013
I confirm that all the above advice has been sought and received and I am satisfied that this is an appropriate request to be submitted for a decision DI Matt Walker Date 18.09.2013
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