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13-2016 – Purchase of domestic property – 24 March 2016

Executive Summary and Recommendation:

The Commissioner is asked to take a decision to purchase a property.  

Due to the operationally confidential nature of the proposed function for this property, the information is restricted to private part two.


  1. That the Commissioner approves the purchase of the property as detailed in restricted part two of this decision notice
  2. That the purchase is progressed by the Estates department reporting to the Chief Executive Officer
  3. That in order to progress and facilitate the purchase the Commissioner approves delegation of powers to the Chief Executive Officer to the maximum amounts detailed in the restricted part 2 of this Decision notice
  4. That the Commissioner approves the budget provision, to the maximum amounts detailed in the restricted part 2 of this Decision notice, to convert the property into a fit for purpose facility for NYP

That this in turn would be subject to appropriate staff consultation and engagement.


Police and Crime Commissioner decision: Approved

Signature: signature
Date: 24 March 2016
Title: Police and Crime Commissioner

2. Contribution to Police and Crime Plan Priorities

The recommendations in this Decision Notice are offered on the basis that they will fully support the Police and Crime Plan priorities as follows:

  • Protect Vulnerable People
  • Improve Victim Care
  • Transforming the Organisation – Improving Efficiency & Productivity
  • People First
  • Affordability – Business Planning

3. Consultations Carried Out


Name (Collar Number) Department Comments
Will Naylor Office of the PCC
Jane Palmer Financial Services Yes 02.03.16
Lisa Winward Local Policing
Lisa Winward Beyond Local Policing
Leanne Consett Human Resources Yes 09.03.16
Jane Wintermeyer Joint Corporate Legal Services
Louise Wood Corporate Communications No 02.03.16
Jonathan Garrett Property and Facilities
Sudeep Chatterjee Information Communications Technology
Bob Brigginshaw Transport
Jenni Newberry Joint Corporate Commissioning and Partnership Services No 02.03.16
Nicola Johnson Procurement
Maria Earles Organisation and Development Yes 02.03.16
Sarah Wintringham Information Management

 6. Compliance Checks

Financial Implications/Value for money:

Chief Constables Chief Finance Officer Comments:
The financial implications of this purchase can be accommodated within the existing overall budget for the re-provision of Police Headquarters (DN0004/2015). This property also provides the opportunity to re-locate/co-locate other NYP business units at this location which would realise recurring revenue savings of around £27,500 per annum.

PCC CFO Comments:
It is suggested that the PCC considers the outcome of the 3 valuations that have been sought in relation to this property and considers whether in light of these 3 valuations that they are content with delegating the potential purchase of this property to the level set out within Part 2 of this DN.

Legal Implications:
Having read this report and having considered such information as has been provided at the time of being asked to express this view, the Acting Force Solicitor and Head of Legal Services is satisfied that this report does not ask the PCC for North Yorkshire to make a decision which would (or would be likely to) give rise to a contravention of the law.

Human Resources Implications:
Having read this report and considered the information provided at the time including the recommendation to the Police and Crime Commissioner, there are potentially a number people related impacts which will occur dependent upon the departments to be located within this property. This will require further consultation on any proposed moves with representative bodies and unions as we progress to ensure that these are managed appropriately and mitigated where possible.

Public Access to information
As a general principle, the Commissioner expects to be able to publish all decisions taken and all matters taken into account when reaching the decision.  This Notice will detail all information which the Commissioner will disclose into the public domain.  The decision and information will be made available on the Commissioner’s website.

Only where material is properly classified as Restricted under the Government Protective Marking Scheme or if that material falls within the description at 2(2) of The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 will the Commissioner not disclose decisions and/or information provided to enable that decision to be made.  In these instances, Part 2 will be used to detail those matters considered to be restricted.  Information in Part 2 will not be published.

All decisions taken by the Commissioner will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

Part 2

Is there a Part 2 to this Notice – YES

The Chief Constable is of the opinion that the information included in part 2 falls under Section 2(2) of The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011

The information included in Part 2 is properly classified as Restricted due to being operationally and commercially sensitive.

Report Information

Author(s): Richard Flint, Head of Estates, Logistics and Technology

Head of Department: Richard Flint, Head of Estates, Logistics and Technology

Executive Group Sponsor(s): Joanna Carter, Chief Executive Officer

Date created: 26 February 2016

I confirm that all the above advice has been sought and received against this and any associated Part 2 information and I am satisfied that this is an appropriate request to be submitted for a decision

Signature:     Richard Flint                                                                                                 Date: 26th February 2016

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